Monday Morning QB'ing

Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Morning QB'ing

I am, it would seem, unelectable, even with the solid support of the three victorious in­cumbents of a year ago, and a strong endorse­ment by the local paper. Vox populi.

How I was beaten is another matter, and I have supporters who are steamed at the, let's just say, comportment of the Lightning Party.

Their feeling is... in a highly expurgated ver­sion... "They wanna play election law? Let's get to it!"

That will have to be done without my active support.

I heard from one longtime resident just this morning, who thoughtfully wrote:

"We voted for you and were very disap­pointed that you lost the election. It feels like our Village is being taken over by aliens."

Not surprisingly, it's been feeling like that to me as well.

But sincere thanks to the 204 residents who came to to cast their ballot for Row B.

Oddly, that's 19 less votes than I garnered in 2007 at the end of a one-person campaign that began just 4½ days before the deadline for filing my nominating petition.

The League of Women Voters

I don't know what to think about them... their Hamptons Chapter has either been corrupted over the past year or so, or their officers are too senile to be relevant.

As OtBB noted earlier this month, they have always been willing to sponsor with the assistance of The Southampton Press a Candidates' Debate.

In the prior four years the overtures have been made, but except for 2010 when Joan Levan thought, incorrectly, that Hank Tucker could overwhelm the soft-spoken Conrad Teller, the other side declined to participate, as they did again this year... ostensibly because LOWV wouldn't be hosting it.

When I tried to find out why they were facili­tating two such debates East of the Canal but not in Westhampton Beach, there was no one who responded.

A detailed message was left on their answering machine on June 3rd, with a request to call back... but nothing!

Then, in the current issue appearing the day before the election, a Judi Roth, billing herself "Co-President" of LOWVH, wrote a letter.

In essence, it asserted that:

  • "A blog" had come to their attention.
  • The blog (OtBB) "contained so many inaccuracies."
  • They "wanted to tell residents of West­hampton Beach about our position on the issue."
  • "Several things occurred that made it impossible to go forward this year" in Westhampton Beach.

None of the "so many inaccuracies" were cited.

If they took a position on anything, it was so obscure as to be no position at all!

In fact, the letter was devoid of any meaning­ful information.

Perhaps aliens have taken over LOWVH as well.


1. Jeanne Speir said...

The reason the opposition didn't want to debate you is because you would have been the clear debate victor: no contest, and the Lightnings, from Levan to "Kameckler," knew it.

The LOWV must also have been taken over by aliens -- how else would one explain why one of the most venerable, most trusted institutions of American Freedom suddenly grew partisan and inconvenienced serving the public? I read that ridiculous response by Judi Roth and was incredulous.

Could they have been corrupted?

This action truly deserves public scrutiny. Waddya say, John Paul and Erica? You are the new generation of investigative journalists. Got the street creds to chase this down? Or will you forever remain the mute "Jimmies" to the Clark Kents of this fine Metropolis?

My wife brings a smile to my face.

2. John Roland said...

I as you Dean, continue to be mystified and saddened that the folks in Westhampton Beach punish themselves by voting to put people in caring positions who could care less about them.

Yeah, well....

3. Hampton West said...

My 2¢:

Last time you ran was on very short notice. Your name recognition was greater than perhaps you thought and your opponents had little time to organize against you.

This round they did have time to organize and perhaps I'm giving them too much credit but they realized the only way you could expand your base was on the issues, and they avoided that by not having a debate or even discussing them period. Doing this limited you to your core with little room to expand into those undecided voters who actually vote on issues. A little back fence poisoning and avoidance of a discussion kept them in office.

And what difference does it make to the LOWVH if you have a blog, Facebook page, or Twitter, or anything else where you can project your opinion? They are really in a poor position here and there credibility has to be suspect. No debate, no airing of the issues, no ability for you to build on your base.

In re the latter: I've always had great respect for the League of Women Voters of the Hamptons. They were knowledgable. civic-minded and without except in my experience, nice ladies.

This year though, one has to wonder... and that letter in last week's newspaper, pretty much confirmed that there's something seriously wrong with this chapter.

Plus, they really don't have a leg to stand on! They never called me back to explain themselves.
– Dean

4. Hunt Marckwald said...

Obviously the old-timers who care would have voted for you and Roland. Problem is that they are no longer here having been replaced by the mindless (absent 204 residents who "get it").

The 250+ "pod people?" Probably.

5. Seeker said...

Roland? Really?!?

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