Time to re-think...

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Time to re-think...

Updated 06/18/2011 – 11:10 am

...Westhampton Beach as a destination for bicycling tours, if the participants can't obey the universal Rules of the Road!

Stop sign

Everyone in the immediate universe knows, or should know, what to do at a "stop" sign.

Bicyclists in a group, however, seem to think such signs do not apply to them!

(Psssst! They do!)

Don't know what group they are today, where they're from or where they're going, but ye Gawds and Ed Winters' 100,000 mile Schwinn, they were out of control.

First I encountered a flight (gaggle? wing? swarm?) of them headed West on Main Street and turning left down Beach Lane.

Almost all hand-signaled their intentions, but they were all over the street from the moment they had crossed Turkey Bridge.

When I headed North on Beach Road and came to the required full stop at Brook Road, another flight (gaggle? wing? swarm?) was headed full bore East toward Cranberry Marsh without so much as a cursory slowing down in observance of their obligation at the four-way intersection!

They were everywhere in the Village this morn­ing, and at no time did I observe Police or Traffic Control personnel escorting them.

I'm not suggesting it's been anything like the Hollister Motorcycle Riot of 1947, but it rivaled it in the lack of control.


1. Beth Flanagan said...

There was a large group of bicyclists going east on Montauk Highway this morning as I was heading to Camp Paquatuck for some Rotary work.

They'd probably already run amok through the byways of East Moriches, pillaged the entirety of Eastport, and had illicit carnal knowledge of half the young women in Seatuck Cove!
– Dean

2. Hampton West said...

Its a tour that had three starting points:

  • Penn Station Manhattan
  • Babylon LIRR Station
  • Mastic-Shirley LIRR Station
The finish line is Montauk, so the Tour is actually three tours, 135 miles, 100 miles, and 65 miles respectively. It runs every year about this time, always on a Saturday, which is why I pass this one up - way too much traffic.

There is an earlier one, usually the second Sunday in May - that one is less crowded and I have done that one in the past. And you are right - bikers are accountable to traffic signs and most of these folks seem to think a four-way "stop" is a green light.
I salute the "Green" aspects of it, as well as the cardio and noise considerations, but obey the traffic signs, damnit!

3. Sis said...

The Westhampton Presbyterian Church parking lot (complete with lots of Porta Potties) was an official rest stop/water break for the Montauk-bound bikers. The stop is co-ordinated and staffed by the advisors and youth of the church.

There ya go!

4. Graham Dickson said...

I was riding my own bicycle locally and know enought to stop at a stop sign. I am suddenly confronted by gangs of marauding cyclists who travel down the middle of the road, cluster across the road and ignore traffic signals or cars coming up behind them. They are annoying to local cyclists as well.

Thank you!

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