It's over!

Friday, June 17, 2011

It's over!

...and the voters of the Village have spoken.

Semi-official results of the 2011
Village of Westhampton Beach Election
Office Candidate Row Votes
Trustee Patricia DiBenedetto A 257  
Trustee Hank Tucker A 242  
Trustee Dean Speir B 204  

No arguments here! The people have had their say... I hope that they were all legal voters.

If this was a little tardy being posted, I was out picking up signs.


1. Old Part-timer said...

Dean, you're still the man! I commend your efforts. It's clear that the people who live in the Village in which I grew up have no loyalty, no common sense. Tucker is a bleeping jock. He is an outright bullshitter and if the new Village peoplle want it, let them have it. Patricia's a Cub Scout leader? Come on. It's time to put up the for sale signs and head South. That's what I'm planning but I know you, you'll stay here and keep fighting. That's why I love ya pal. I simply say "Thank You...."

Fight for whom? Fight for what? Lemme know, will ya?

2. Scarlett said...

F%#k!!!!! Some of our "legal voters" certainly have their heads up their....

Welcome to the New Westhampton Beach. I had no idea I was so out of touch.

3. Bass2 said...

My wife and I are soooo distressed by these results. We live in Remsenburg, but we both believed that Dean represented a move in the right direction for the Village.

Dean believed it as well... but what do I know?

4. Sis said...

It is the Village that has suffered a loss for not having elected Dean. I am proud of Dean for having run an honorable race - keep raising the topics that need to be talked about.

– Sis

I feel sorriest for Conrad, Toni-Jo and Leola... they're going to need a lot of support.

5. Bubbles said...

Dean, we're so disappointed! Your election would have been a turning point in Village government. Well, you got our four votes for what they were worth....

It was worth more than you can imagine! Sincere thanks to your entire household!

6. Barbara Ramsay said...

The sweet little Village we all love (loved) has changed too much in the past 10 years and not for the better. I feel terrible that you lost. You can't fix what the newcomers believe is not broken. I'm glad I moved when I did... I don't miss the Village, just my favorite residents.

Jeanne and I (and Mrs. M.) miss yours as well. Thanks for the note.

7. Rob F. said...

"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat." - Theodore Roosevelt
Dean, thank you for striving valiantly.
Thanks, Rob... the question is now, do I really want to return to the role of critic?

8. Oldtimer said...

I cried when I heard. How is it that our Village has been taken over by people who really don't care, and support someone who is costing us hundreds of thousands, and keeps us in the headlines, lies and sneaks malicious mailings??? It's time to start thinking about next year, and once again try to save our Village. God help us if he runs for Mayor again!!! Thank you for your tireless efforts, those of us who backed you are proud of the clean campaign you ran. You truly are an example of what our Village was. I only hope we can bring it back. God bless you, Dean, you are the best, and your caring doesn't go unnoticed, and all of the oldtimers will continue to count on you for the truth.

"Was" is probably the operative word there... perhaps our time is past, and we all need to acknowledge that the cows no longer graze in Thurston Raynor's field!

As an aside, I find it telling that neither of the Row A candidates felt the need to denounce the anonymous "cancer" mailings.

9. Seeker said...

"In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king."

As true today in Westhampton Beach as it was in Rotterdam 600 years ago!

10. Linesider36 said...

Dean, I'm sorry for your, our loss. They played it smart. Without the debate, they didn't have to answer the questions about their record or their vision for the future. Don't give up the fight. As far as I know your the only one that can keep them honest. You can probably do more behind the scene. Are the votes being verified as legal? If not they should be. Thanks for your efforts and loyalty. Fight the good fight. – RSF

O, it's official... can't wait to see, if they play by the rules this time around and file genuine Campaign Finance Reports, how much their special election counsel cost them.

11. Michael Jacobs said...

Dean... you fought the good fight but in a democracy the voters are always right, even when they're wrong. Take heart... you still have your day job. You are needed to be the watchdog of the Trustees and hopefully keep them focused and honest.

On the plus side, Conrad still has a 3-2 edge so one would hope that only open and vigorous debate on the issues would hold sway.

The wild card is how much has Patricia learned through this election season. She is bright and committed to the Village... no doubt. The next several months will continue the learning curve for her. I hope that she speaks and votes her own mind and renounces the behind-the-scenes puppeteers and the anonymous letter writers.

Take some time, lick your wounds... and come back with your strong and articulate voice on the issues facing our Village.

Neither of them have to this day renounced "the anonymous letter writers," and that seems to me to be a good measure of what to expect.

As a member of the Village Board I could have done something about where the Village will be going, but here I'm just a cranky ol' blogger who is revolted by what Joan Levan has brought to the Village... and that includes Hank Tucker.
– Dean

12. John Roland said...

I know how you feel my friend. I know how you feel.

Thank for the thought and the support, John, but perhaps not... I'm just mystified.

13. Jim said...

We will suffer for a few more years... but it's not who you know, it's who you blow!

Well, that certainly lowered the tone of OtBB... we're having a one day language dispensation.

But your brief little rhyming epigram is not applicable here (much less appropriate!)... I had the support of the three members of the Village Board who actually do their jobs, and an enthusiastic endorsement from the local newspaper. I got out and met more people than I did four years ago... and got 19 less votes!

There were, as far as I can see, no (to borrow from "Erin Brockovich") "sexual favors" either actual or metaphorical at play here.
– Dean

14. Seeker said...

Dean, perhaps your role as either a Trustee or critic-at-large need not be the only parts for you to play in Westhampton Beach. The Village's proposed Ethics Committee would be a perfect fit for you! I recommend that you express your interest in being part of that body - IMMEDIATELY!

Now there's an idea... and it would be, I believe, the Mayor's appointment. It would drive Hank nuts because as unfamiliar as he is with the concept, in his heart he knows he's on the edge.
– Dean

15. Marty B. said...

Dammit, Dean! Sorry to hear that the Village voters are so stupid... if they were all legal voters. I still have a place of refuge for you to to rest and recover it you need it. I know you gave it good honest fight and I still can't believe the results.

Ha! Thanks, Marty.

But the "stupidity" wasn't total... 204 of them saw the issues clearly enough to mark their ballots for me.
– Dean

16. Crabby said...

Say, did any Villager here get an official-looking letter that told them they were not ELIGIBLE to vote? And therefore, did not show up? If so, and if you still have that letter, it would be interesting to review.

And yes, Speir, you would be a great Ethics Committee appointee. A perfect fit. Lord knows we need one!

Um, what "letter" exactly are you referencing?

17. Marty B. said...

No, I'm sorry. The 204 were the smart one, but it scares me that there are so few that are thinking inteligently there.

They've drank the Empress' Kool Aid.

18. Hampton West said...

Oh well Dean, it was a super effort on your part, and an honest one.

Thank you.

19. Tugboat Bertha said...

The letter about being eligible to vote or not may be a back-fence rumor, but since it has more to do with the Summer people's eligibility than the locals it is an over-the-tennis-net rumor rather than over-the-back fence.

As Crabby says, it would be interesting to review it if it exists. Do people save things like that after the election is over?

We so looked forward to your being a Trustee but having you on an Ethics Board would be even better.

I save everything, for years! Then I as myself why I was saving it, throw it out and several days later when I need it, wonder where it is!

20. Jeanne Speir said...

As our posted previous singleton candidates know, the campaign trail is a tough and lonely one. It takes a dedicated person to take that journey.

I am so proud of my husband's steadfast sense of commitment to his community, and his honor when viciously libeled, that my heart can barely contain my pride.

He is one of Westhampton Beach's best-known, most honorable, intelligent and articulate residents.

We will frame, as suggested by a friend, the truthful, warm, funny and venerable editorial of "The Southampton Press" that paid homage to the Dean Speir hundreds of Westhampton Beach residents know and love.

Way to go, babe. You ran the clean campaign. You love this place. I love you.


But don't toss tinder onto my pyre just yet.

21. Specialist said...

Sorry Dean. As for this Village, there has been a stench in the air for a few years now. Unfortunately it seems to be getting worse.

And now you've got Hank running for Mayor again next year and promising to appoint Junior Palmer to his seat on the Board!

22. Peggy said...

I'm so confused, and saddened by this outcome. Dad, I am so proud of you for running and speaking on tough topics that many cannot voice themselves... and I know you will continue to do so (because clearly you have over 200 plus residents who want you to!). You're a winner to me - Happy Father's Day!

Double [gulp!]

23. WHBeachLady said...

How is it that people with Florida license plates on their cars, are able to vote in NY?

I saw a frail elderly man writing down these license plate #'s. I asked him what he was doing. He said he is going to turn them all into Florida. I said I hope you do, and while you are at it try the NY State Department of Taxation.

People voting here who are merely Summer folk is outrageous. Something needs to be done NOW. Next June is too late.


24. SchoolParent said...

I think that all the NYC people who vote out here should be reported to NYC Dept of Taxation! This entire situation is beyond belief.

25. Scarlett said...

Hank and Junior Palmer? SHOOT ME NOW, END THE PAIN!!!!

The Village will get what it deserves.

26. Crabby said...

HA!! Just think of it - the Synagogue could breathe a sigh of relief Junior won't be mooching all their desserts. Think of the money they'll save by "sharing" this dude with others. He'll have all manner of restaurants he'll stop by to get "comped." I'll bet Hank and Joanie waved a chocolate chip cookie and cheesecake scented offer of Trustee Commissioner of Restaurants in front of him.

While we're waiting for the dissolution of all we know and love about Westhampton Beach, let us for a moment meditate upon who is going to PAY for their excesses in bad management of our money.

You have been deceived, middle class lemmings! Guess what?

The school kids you are raising in your Ren and Stimpy fueled "happy-happy joy-joy" delusions will not be living in this Village as grown ups. They won't be able to afford the taxes.

If you think the illegal second home voters who helped vote the Tucker crowd in care about your beloved "quality of life" Village and public school (where their kids wouldn't be caught dead,) think again.

If you're not waiting their tables or cleaning their house and gardens - (and that likely means you're an illegal, cheaply hired alien) you are of no use to them. Get out of the way.

Why, even YOU might have hard time affording the costs, especially as your kids go off to college and your income goes fixed. Buh-Bye! More real estate for mansions. These clowns had an old, old wonderful lady fired from the library. She died in abject poverty; as she needed her tiny income to make ends meet. Who cares about Grandma anyway?

The generations before you did. They kept the old gals in their circle.

You reap what you sow, parents. Congratulations, you arseholes. You just screwed your kids. And yourselves.

At least ask for a true valuation of how much these guys paid to run their campaign -- including lawyers -- this year and last year. When you realize how badly they want to take over your Village, you may need to reconsider why, and your future votes.

Don't forget to tack on an estimate of the guerrilla warfare costs while you're at it.

Okay, another disgruntled, disenfranchised old-timer... even though I have no more school-age children, I know exactly how you feel.
– Dean

27. Joyce L. Donneson said...

As I have stated previously, Dean, I DO NOT live in the Village... and thank goodness. What a bunch of idiots!

I take that as a measure of support. Thank you.

28. Seeker said...

People can have "FLA" license plates and still be voters in NYS. I heard Florida has a law now that if you reside for more than a certain number of days in that state (as many snowbirds do), you must have a Florida driver's license and license plate. This does not change the status of where you are registered to vote, and doesn't mean people are voting illegally simply because they have "FLA" plates on their cars.

What you say may be true... though for my part I tend not to "hear" anything not verified... but it may or may not be dispositive of anything..

29. Seeker said...

I "heard" through family members. They live most of the year on Long Island and are registered to vote in New York State. They had to register the vehicle they use in Florida because they live there for most of the Winter, and it is the DMV law there (reasons to follow as soon as I catch up with my family to inquire).

Of course there's nothing "dispositive" in what I'm advising about Florida plates - that's my point. There isn't anything to prove that someone with New York plates is legally entitled to vote in a Village Election either, though that certainly hasn't stopped a whole slew of people from trying over the years, whether because they're business owners or landlords of residential properties.

Thank you for the explication... and may I without offense suggest that there's a difference between "I heard" and "I was informed by family members with direct experience.."

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