What we said...

Friday, June 17, 2011

What we said...

...about the Police Disciplinary Hearings, and the important ways in which we differ.

(All quotes from the profiles on 27East conducted by Jean-Paul Salamanca.)

Mrs. DiBenedetto:

"When asked if she felt ready, if elected, to take on emotional or controversial issues affecting village residents as part of her duties, Ms. DiBenedetto said that she was. She declined, however, to speculate on how she would have voted on a recent hot-button issue: whether or not to discipline two Westhampton Beach Police officers who were charged with lying to outside investigators after another officer’s hand­gun went missing."


"Mr. Speir has been a vocal critic of the former majority on the Village Board—which includes current opponent Hank Tucker and Ms. Levan—and their decision to delay the holding of disciplinary hear­ings for two Westhampton Beach Police officers. The officers have been suspended for their involvement in an incident in which the handgun of a fellow officer went missing from police headquarters.

Mr. Speir pointed out the hearings were held only after Trustee Leola 'Sue' Farrell won election to the board last June, giving Mr. Teller the third vote he needed to schedule them. Mr. Speir added that they have dragged on for too long. In a recent letter to the editor, Mr. Teller—who has endorsed Mr. Speir’s candidacy—said the hearings have cost the village more than $200,000 to date. "


"During his current term, Mr. Tucker has opposed attempts to schedule disciplinary hearings for Westhampton Beach Village Police officers Joseph Pesapane and Michael Bruetsch, who have been suspend­ed since 2009 for their role in an incident in which a fellow officer’s handgun went missing from police headquarters.

While acknowledging that there are some people who were 'probably not happy with how I voted' on the disciplinary hearings, Mr. Tucker reiterated that he has always voted in the best interest of village residents."

Hank's "best interest" assertion is easily dis­missed: never mind what he says, watch what he does.

And while that "best interest" line is repeated throughout his Patch video-interview, he has steadfastly refused to explain his reasoning on the issue.

But then, anyone who's been paying attention the past 20 months, knows what I think... and why!


1. Ray Malone said...

Best of luck today Dean! My old hometown deserves a trustworthy Trustee (as do all the people all the time).

Thanks, Raymondo!

2. Tugboat Bertha said...

Hank's taped interview on Patch reveals that he is pandering to the Summer people talking about keeping their streets and beaches clean so they can have a nice vacation. Then he says he works well with the Mayor. Fibber! But you already know that.

So does anyone who's watched him in action more than once!

3. Julio Rosado said...

Dean, the people will now get what they deserve!!! I'm so sorry these 240+ knuckleheads voted for these two clowns instead of you. They will get what they deseve, unfortunatly, We have to see our Village stagnate for two years yet again. I'm sorry people didn't see the light and realize if we had Dean as a Trustee one of US would be represented!! Thanks for caring enough to run, Dean... you are a winner to the 204 who voted for you.

The Big Lie this election was: "I've always done what I thought was best for the Village."

Unfortunately, the other side refused to participate in a debate, a forum where such codswallop could have been challenged with specifics. It was a smart political decision by them.
– Dean

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