Oooooh nooooooo, Mr. Costanza

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Oooooh nooooooo, Mr. Costanza

Please, let the terrible "Curse of The Chronicle" stay with the old Hampton Chronicle-News!

This morning's Southampton Press Western Edition contains a ringing endorsement of my candidacy in tomorrow's election for Village Trustee.

I'm not even sure that "ringing" is a strong enough description! Whatta ya think?

2011 Southampton Press endorsement

Me, "the ideal village candidate." I shall be blushing furiously for the rest of the week!

But all is not rosy with today's paper... they put my campaign adv. on their obits page!

That's a bit deflationary!

(Mrs. Speir, however, assures me that it's the one page that everyone reads!)

The vacuous Letter to the Editor from the League of Women Voters of the Hamptons will be addressed in a future entry.

Meanwhile, this "ideal village candidate" has some voters to meet... and some very large expectations to fulfill.

Thank you editors Frank Costanza and Joe Shaw! You've given me a lofty "ideal" for which to continue to strive.


1. WHBYankee said...

Once again, the Mrs. is correct. "Yes dear." smiley

When I thought about it, I realized she was right... the first two pages I always looked at in the paper were the Police Blotter and the Obits... if I didn't see my name on either of them, it was another good week and I could get on with my life!

2. Jeanne Speir said...

Rumors of your early demise have been greatly exaggerated....smiley

Imagine my relief!

3. Specialist said...

Good luck Dean. We need you!!!

Thank you for your good wishes.

4. Absolutely Amazing said...

I'll second Specialist.

Not only do we need you but you will be a breath of fresh air. Many of us are rooting for you.

Please everyone, tell everyone you know to bullet vote: vote for Dean and only Dean.

Well, that's one stretegy.

5. Oldtimer said...

Good luck, we're behind you 100%.

Thank you.

6. Who Said That?! said...

I can't wait for 9:05 p.m. Friday night, when we have A GREAT NEW TRUSTEE on our team!!!

7. The Quiogue Kid said...

Vote early... vote often!!! Best of luck, Dean... although it will be tougher work than the Quiogue Association.

Undoubtedly... but on the "vote" thing, just be a legal voter for a change.

8. Absolutely Amazing said...

I just tried to put the below comment on Hank's Patch Video. I could not get it through. With permission Dean I would like to post it here.

You left out why you refused to have a candidate debate.

You left out why you did not say a word about the two disgusting anonymous letters sent to voters about Dean Speir.

Your behavior is an insult to Village Residents.

The only joy in your winning your seat back, if you do, is that you'll have to face Dean Speir at every meeting.

But then again, maybe it will be your running mate who will win the second seat. Bet you would love that!

Hang your head in shame, Hank.

Not sure Hank has any shame!
– Dean

9. Scarlett said...

Looks like "The Curse of the Chronicle" is indeed flourishing.

No, it wasn't "The Curse of the Chronicle," but the curse of the Empress. I've gotta give it to her, her foo is strong.

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