Two points in particular...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Two points in particular...

...of the Lightning Party's mailing of today, demand addressing.

  1. "Vigorous debate ... is fine."
  2. "Hank has ALWAYS put the residents first."


  1. What "debate?" Both Lightning Party candidates refused to participate in a debate this year!

    That's a matter of record!
  2. How can anyone believe that putting "the residents first" means obstruct­ing the Police Disciplinary hearings or defiantly helping Linda Kabot launch a lawsuit against the Village?

    These too are matters of public re­cord, as is Hank's abysmal four-year history of non-performance in office!

Yeah, I know... the weeks leading up to any election is often called "the silly season," and today's letter is a perfect example of why.

In short, they are counting on the fact that no one has been paying attention for the past four years.

They are praying that no one noticed that last June's three successful candidates, Mayor Con­rad Teller and Trustees Toni-Jo Birk and Sue Farrell, are the ones who asked me to run for the Village Board against Hank and whoever.

Trustee Leola "Sue " Farrell, Dean Speir. Mayor Conrad Teller, Deputy Major Toni-Jo Birk.

O, and the assertion that Mayor Teller "fired" me from a municipal job?

Wasn't the Mayor, it was Joan Levan and Jim Kametler!

The one because he didn't like that I was try­ing to keep the Police Department reforms on track, and the other because I came within six votes of beating her at the polls.

It's not nice to upset the Empress of Oneck!


1. Michael Jacobs said...

What concerns me is the lack of substance on any issues of importance to our Village on the part of Hank and Patricia. Dean, we all know where you stand... and whether we agree with your positions or not, there is no obfuscation, no waffling.

The recent letter from your opposition did not delineate any position whatsoever on critical issues. Patricia had a great opportunity to detail a platform for the Village on the recent "Patch" interview [more] but did not. Hank's turn comes soon and I'm dying to hear his positions on the police department, the "resolutions," etc.

Give me substance. Something I can accept/question/reject. I expect, when your turn comes around, you will clearly articulate the issues, your position on same... and how you would work to handle them.

Each candidate has equal opportunity... but so far we have only really heard from you. It's a shame that the invitation to debate was declined by your opposition. It's hard to debate two empty chairs.

Aye, that it is!

I can tell you without fear of successful contradiction that you will get nothing substantive from Hank Tucker regarding "the police department, the 'resolutions,' etc." He's had more than a year to articulate those positions, and he either cannot or will not, and he's not about to start now!

Incidentally, my "Patch" interview went live Wednesday afternoon. I hope it meets your standards.
– Dean

2. First Hampton said...

I am so sick of these liars. They are disgraceful.

I wish they would go back to where they came from: Hank should go back to Nassau, Pat D. to Islip, Kammetler to his trailer in Florida and Levan to NYC.

Let them spew their dirt there, not here.

Um, actually Mrs. Levan is a product of Steubenville, Ohio.

3. Crabby said...

Me? I think Michael Jacobs is right on the money. Whomever gets the second seat is there by default.

As next elected Village Trustee, sir, you will be one of four. What you bring to the table will be another contribution to the decision-making process.

The great news is that you can be trusted to be open, reasoned, and lacking the back room deals that sprung like rotten mushrooms during the VERY expensive Tucker/Levan/Kametler years.

But it ain't over 'til it's over. Please vote, if you are legal! The Village deserves a competent, agenda-free Trustee.

When is the vote? FRIDAY, TOMORROW, from High Noon till 9:00 pm at the "traffic circle," Village Hall.

I don't know that there were that many "back room deals," but they were rotten, and centered around the Empress of Oneck's toadies, Tucker (with the Police Department) and Neubauer (two applications on Old Riverhead Road). Both men have needlessly cost the Village money.

4. Michael Jacobs said...

To First Hampton's comment and in defense of Patricia DiBenedetto, she actually has been a welcome addition to the community and gotten very involved with some teriffic programs -- the PTA, the playground project, etc. Her husband, Mauro, is very involved with the Fire Department as a volunteer firefighter and with the new Boy Scout troop. Their children are involved in scouting and the Junior Fire Department. Unfortunately Patricia has chosen poorly with reference to her political mentors but, who knows, she may be re-thinking some of these alliances... a little late since the posters are already printed, the Lightning Party money already spent. However... those to whom we entrust the operation of the Village need to bring more to the table than being good family people with a record of civic involvement. We are facing issues, very serious and potentially very expensive issues that claw at the fabric and foundation of the community. Where's the beef?

Hank is running on his record... which, unfortunately, speaks for itself. I have not heard anything coherent from him during this campaign. Nice guy, great cheesecake... but where's the beef?

Dean, congratulations (I think) on your endorsement by The Southampton Press... and good luck on Friday.

Thank you, Michael.

In respect to your observation: I haven't heard anything coherent from Hank in three years, or truthful for even longer.

And as for Mrs. D., if people are being candid with me... and since the bulk of them are long-timers in the Village, I've little reason to doubt them... I think she's getting the message that she drank the Empress' Kool Aid, and it has not been to her credit.

Nor has her silence on the anonymous letters.

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