Awwwww, Murph!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Awwwww, Murph!

...ya came the closest yet to getting some­thing right about Westhampton Beach, but you still managed to drop the ball several times in this morning's East End Indy story about the local election campaign.

"Murph" is, of course, Rick Murphy with whom I've sparred here on the odd occasion in the past year or so.

I love the lead to "Nasty Missives Spice Up Board Race:"

"Someone out there doesn't like Dean Speir."

(Do ya think!?)

...and goes on to write about the anonymous malicious letters of April and last week.

Then, in paragraph 4, a most disturbing line:

"...Joan Levan, who has decided to seek reelection."


(Okay, so he dropped the "not," but it still will give most a chilling pause.)

He then spends w-a-a-a-y too much time on the Linda Kabot arrest1 yet ignores Hank Tucker's reckless actions leading to her Notice of Claim against the Village.

(Selective reporting or failure to grasp the facts.)

Then comes a killer quote from Tucker's run­ning mate, Patricia DiBenedetto:

"I believe in Hank and Hank believes in me."

Really? That's most decidedly not what she's been telling those who've confronted her about being on a ticket with Tucker.

(After the election, someone might men­tion to Hank that one of the trucks which ran him over was driven by Pat!)

Another whopper from the woman who would run the Village:

"DiBenedetto says she doesn't read Speir's blog and doesn't know what his views are."

Well, if she doesn't follow OtBB she shouldn't quote it to people, but more importantly, if she actually attended Village meetings, she'd know full well what my "views are."

(No one's ever accused this candidate of being reticent in expressing his "views.")

There follows some silly and gratuitous ration­alizing by Murphy about why people might send anonymous hate mail, before a platitu­dinous quote from Mrs. D.:

"To me the biggest issue is apathy. Resi­dents need to be more attuned to what's happening."

To that end, I'd like to think that OtBB has done its part to keep people informed over the past four years, but she will be correct only if people don't show up on Election Day.

  1. In our rollicking 'phone conversation last week, I learned that Murphy is still dubious about Mrs. Kabot's Labor Day 2009 arrest.
  2. Why is it that newspaper editors who hold the First Amendment sacred and abso­lute, so hate the Second! The Constitution isn't a menu from which to pick and choose!


1. Rick Murphy said...

Awwwww Dean! You still haven't learned the difference between unbiased newspaper reporting and shameless editorializing. Maybe that's why I get paid to do this and you don't. BTW, not that I care, but our conversation was "off the record" except where agreed. I guess that means little to you. Anyhow, I'll check in again in two years when you are relevant again.

Whoooooo, Murph! I put nothing "on the record" from our conversation that you haven't put on the record in your own newspaper!

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