Rumor spiking

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rumor spiking

The ol' Westhampton Beach back fence has been very busy this week, and this time there are even some names attached to the rumor-mongering!

Earlier this morning I learned that someone is making calls asserting that there is a video of me re­moving opposition signs from the Valero station property on Montauk Highway.

There isn't, of course, but if anyone has seen something of that sort, it could only be a very clever animated cartoon!

But golly! How tales get blown up in the re-telling!

It was just yesterday that opposition candidate Trustee Hank Tucker was telling others that a "friend" of his has a photograph of me taking one of his signs.

Not surprisingly, no one's seen it, but if one existed, it would have been sent to The South­ampton Press by now.

So Hank Tucker is [gasp!] lying, or, in the al­ternative, simply rumor-mongering.

Either way, it reeks of desperation! The clock is ticking on Hank's term in office, and he doesn't know what else to do!

Perhaps it's gotten back to him that his run­ning mate, when challenged about appearing on the same ticket with Hank, has thrown him to the wolves.

(Didn't you do any vetting of Hank before agreeing to stand with him, Mrs. D?)

The other identified source of "scurrilous1" rumors is a former Trustee who often answered to the name "Cementhead."

His fiction? I was seen driving a Mini-Cooper taking down opposition campaign signs.

Pssst! Hank, Jim.... I've already won the "sign wars!" I don't need to do anything to anyone else's signs!

O, and then there's the targeted letter, signed by both Hank and Mrs. D., being sent to second home-owners in the Village warning them that Mayor Conrad Teller and I will challenge their right to vote in this election!

Damn right... if they're not legitimate regist­ered voters!

And it's not what the Mayor and I have to say, it's what the New York State election law says, and this was affirmed in 2009 by NYCOM.

This Friday can't come soon enough!

  1. Le mot juste because when he tried to use it in his term of office, he flubbed it!


1. Scarlett said...

Can I borrow your Mini-Cooper this weekend?

Gotta tell you, I'm not sure what you have in mind, but in you're back in the "dating pool," that's not gonna work!smiley

2. Absolutely Amazing said...

The lies and behavior of Hank Tucker and his pals are despicable.

Despicable and stupid!

The guy can't even lie properly.

A mini-cooper! This is getting better than a Broadway show. Hey Dean, did your Ford transform itself into a mini cooper. Oops, it must be your wife's Honda that was transformed!

Hey Tucker, You are starting to sound about as honest as Anthony Weiner! Were you hacked?

No, that's Hank! He's not very bright, but the really stupid one is "cementhead."

3. Hampton West said...

Hmmm - I have a white Mini-Cooper and I was parked in your driveway briefly on Friday about 3:00 pm. After speaking to your better half I pulled out of your driveway to become the recipient of a nasty glare of an older couple walking near your house. It stuck in my mind because, man, they looked unhappy! In fact I saw you right after this on Oak Street putting up signs, I couldn't stop because of traffic but I shouted "We don't need a Weiner, we need a Speir" which I'm sure you did not hear. Perhaps someone else did, and no, I did not take down any signs.

That was you? I heard this disembodied voice but had no idea it was you.

BTW: no signs were put up except where permission was asked or a request was made.

4. WHBeachLady said...

Hello Dean,

I assume that Hank Tucker and Patricia DiBenedetto read this blog. I would therefore suggest the following:

You have made accusations. If you have the video at the Valero Gas Station would you kindly post it to Utube{sic} and post the appropriate link so that we can all view the video.

Hank, if your friend has a photo of Dean removing a sign, please send the link to the blog, so that we can view the photo.

I believe that you need to back up your statements with proof, or they will have no validity.

I am neutral in this election. I have thought about voting for you. But, if you do not submit proof of these accusations made against Dean, I will be left to believe that they are untrue.

Kindly respond with proof of these accusations.

Sorry to hear that you are still "neutral;" if you haven't made a voting decision yet, then I don't know what information you still need!

I will tell you authoritatively: there is no video, there is no photo, there is only Hank and Jim Kametler.

5. SchoolParent said...

" of the other candidates who's showing a willingness to throw anyone under the bus to deflect from herself."
Ummm... is herself afraid she is going to lose?

She is sure putting pressure on us school parents. Abit too much I might add.

It's not that she's "afraid she is going to lose" (no one likes to lose!) so much as I think she's getting the sense that she hitched her wagon to the wrong horse, and that she would've improved her lot if she had run independently rather than with Hank.
– Dean

6. Crabby said...

We don't need no stinkin' real estate signs!

Oops, you say those little blue and white signs were campaign signs? My bad.

Heck, the only place I noticed them were at Angelo's, where they look dumb and desperate in clusters of four. Or six. What-ever.

Lies are all we've heard from the Tucker/Levan Lightning Party. Somehow, I don't see the full-bodied Speir in a Mini-Coop; much less stooping to pick up silly little campaign signs.

Keep'em honest and keep representing the good of the Village, Speir.

The Empress of Oneck delivered a Lightning Party mailing to 11978 this afternoon... it wouldn't surprise me to learn that it's telling people that I took all their signs down.

7. WHBeachLady said...

My apologies. I have been traveling and was unaware of exactly what has been going on with this election. My family filled me in.

It is very clear now. Tucker & DiBenedetto are playing Chicago-style dirty politics in our Village.

That is NOT acceptable.

Dean, I will be voting for you on Friday, only you.

Anyone who can send out the despicable anonymous letters, who refused to debate, and who wrongly accused you of removing signs, does not deserve to be a Trustee for this Village. And, most certainly does not deserve any votes from residents of this Village.

This is NOT Chicago.

Good Luck and I am hoping you win.

Meeeee tooooo!

8. Crabby said...

No, Speir, I will wager this will be the sweetest Mom-Pop and American Pie Letter EVER! (Or is it cheesecake and cookies?) The mud has already been hurled, the disingenuous denials of them by the Lightning Party only professed on Patch at this VERY late date. Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap have already been rendered!

The fact that Tucker is still clearly attached to Madame Levan on severalboards within the village, or that there may be a feeling of undue pressure on school parents to vote for DiBennedetto (although this could be another Tucker fabrication as his party unravels-who knows?) should cause voters pause.

At least in you they've got someone who sticks to facts, who can hit the ground running with your municipal experience, has a demonstrated passion for your TRUE home, Westhampton Beach; maintains consistent attendance at Village meetings, and has the sharp intellect to benefit our Village's affairs.

I would hope there's LOTS of space between voting cubbies, so Villagers can make the right choice without pressure. Why? Because it's not about "pulling levers" anymore: it's protecting your Constitutional Right-to-Vote for whomever you know is going to do the job right.

No contest. Speir's the ONE we need.

I've been watching the Empress' "sweetest Mom-Pop and American Pie" act for five years, and it's revolting in its transparency. It's not her!

Thanks for your support... I'm back to the stump.
– Dean

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