Talk about nervous...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Talk about nervous...

...I give you now lame duck Trustee Joan S. Levan who, while she may be leaving Village Hall at the end of the month, is obviously terrified that her sock-puppet on the Village Board, Hank Tucker, will be leaving as well.

And it wouldn't be of his own volition.

The Empress of Oneck is leaving no stone un­thrown to keep Hank in place.

Last week we learned that she'd retained an Election Law specialist to represent the Light­ning Party's interests this week.

Now she's making a fuss about my Campaign Finance Reports, the second of which was filed, on deadline, last Monday.


This from the woman who ran three (unsuc­cessful) campaigns a year ago and still hasn't filed the required Campaign Finance Reports for Tucker, Junior Palmer and write-in hopeful Michelle Buggé!

Several years back I cited Leo Rosten's time­less example of chutzpah:

"...that quality enshrined in a man who, having killed his parents, throws himself on the mercy of the court because he is an orphan."

Mr. Rosten, meet Mrs. Levan!

For the record:

My two Campaign Finance Reports have been filed, as required, with the Clerk of the Village.

Both are, without qualification, complete and accurate.

The third required Report will also be filed timely, and will also be complete and accurate.

Now I know that Mrs. Levan doesn't have a good-natured bone in her body, so she won't know quite how to take this, but Joan...

Bite me!


1. Shorewood said...

How does Joan Levan get away with not filing required reports. Has anyone reported her to the Board of Elections?

Yes, the information was sent to the Board of Elections last Fall when she's refused to file.

But you have to remember, that Boards of Election are filled with political hacks and few professionals.

2. shorewood said...

Well then, can you educate us? Which organization or entity would be the one to report this. Did the Board of Elections outright ignore this. Did they have communication with anyone. Was there correspondence?

Would residents be able to file complaints. How could we do this?

Sounds to me like the lady broke some laws. Maybe it needs to go higher than the local Board of Elections.

To the best of my knowledge, the Board of Elections never even acknowledged receipt of the information.

I don't know who else to go to short of a judge.

3. EastEnd68 said...

Joan really belongs in Florida.

Really? I'd make it a century ago in Czarist Russia.

4. Shorewood said...

When you have time, after you win the electionsmiley, I am sure this can be taken care of!

What are you talking about? I'll be a Trustee, not the damned Governor! And I'm not so sure even he could reform the Board of Elections!
– Dean

5. Crabby said...

Shorewood, let's get Speir in office first. Anyone who knows him knows he drives an old Ford Escape with vanity name plates. This latest round o'rumors is ridiculous.

What are you going to try next, Jim and Hank? Those of you in the original "troika" each had personal agendas, NOT the altruistic interest of this community at heart. Dean does. Instead, you were spurred by revenge, profit and power.

Your history is catching up with you.

And we won't ignore it, especially after the foul "anonymous" play of the Lightning supporters. You have disgusted good people all over the Village.

There WILL be justice!

I'm still laughing about the Mini-Cooper business.

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