One battle won

Monday, June 13, 2011

One battle won

The "war," though, won't be decided 'til this Friday. Noon to 9:00 pm, so mark it on your calendar!

The victory already decided is that of sign­age... the Speir campaign declares itself the winner.

Ironically, it's a contest I never wanted to enter, and have frequently cursed Tim Laube for introducing campaign signs during the 2004 elections.

Every June since, such signs have sprouted throughout Westhampton Beach, a blight upon the Villagescape.

Political Yard Sign

I wouldn't have done them this year except that Aspatuck Party's brain trust insist­ed, and contributions came in specifically ear­marked for signs.

Well, if ya gotta do it, do a good job of it!

The signs went up late Friday afternoon, and they've got the opposition's version beat on all counts:

  • Visibility.
  • Brevity of message.
  • Legibility.

"All this time I thought the other guys' signs were for real estate offerings," one resident laughed.

Pains were also taken to place the modest number of signs on properties where permis­sion was given or a request was made.

(They will also be gone the morning after this Friday's election!)

In what may or may not be an unrelated matter, several people have called to my attention that "the other guys' signs" have begun disappearing, notably from the park at the Aspatuck/Brook/Griffing tri­angle.

At one point last week, there were six of them in evidence.

If anyone other than a Lightning Party repre­sentative removed them, please cease and desist, forthwith and with a right good will!

I've run a straight-forward campaign and will continue to do so. I don't want any shadow of suspicion to fall my way.

My handful of signs have trumped their sign­age efforts from the moment I put them out, and I don't need any Row B well-wishers to engage in any such endeavor.


1. Seeker said...

Presuming you win a seat on the Board, Candidate Speir, will you be recycling one of your signs as your nameplate on the dais? I sense a potential trend....smiley

I think it would be presumptuous of me to respond.

That said, using one of my campaign signs in that manner would be highly inappropriate! I don't wish to stand out in that manner, assuming that I do win! My one wish is to be part of well-functioning Villahe Government.

2. Crabby said...

Love your signs, man!

But Speir, as well you know, don't count your voters before they've hatched. There's tremendous seismic activity afoot from Dante's Ninth Circle.

Remember last year when a woman in Tucker's coterie let HERSELF into a private, closed, fenced back yard and Grilled a KID about who resided in the household during Election Week? That's desperate treachery. As a parent, what would you you do if that was your child, whom you love with all your heart? Would you want them exposed to that raw political ugliness?

Cowardly, twisted, NOT locally mailed, expensive and UNSIGNED letters are suddenly a headline this week in Patch, and are conveniently denied by the Godwin's Law Lightning Party candidates. Gee. It's not like I thought Pat and Hank wrote them, but they sure took their time denying the evil cabal. If that's what their supporters are like, who are the people who would vote for them?

Is there no sense of DECENCY?

The voters are going to have to judge the truth from the sensational, they are going to have to have a sense of the rule of law, they are going to have to be good citizens that understand voters get only one shot at making this right.

I "count" nothing before 9:01 pm Friday!
– Dean

3. Shorewood said...

When I saw that the Westhampton Beach dumpster dumper/Jewish Center dessert eater, had a Tucker/DiBenedetto sign up, I thought, how fitting!

Then I drove down the block and saw so did Tom Moore. Birds of a feather....

O, well....

4. BJ said...

Joan will Pucker
At the loss by Tucker

Will be mad as a Rat
At the loss by Pat

Whatever your regular job is, better hang onto it for a while longer.

5. Rob F. said...

I'm disappointed my campaign sign idea was rejected:

(He doesn't have a Twitter account.)

I loved it, but "Tweets" haven't been an issue this year, Rob.

"Twits," however, are!

6. Seeker said...

I wouldn't call those anonymously mailed letters "expensive," Crabby. "Cheap" as in "cheap-shots" springs to mind. The content is a shopping list of dated and half-baked declarations by some anonymous grudge-meister who obviously hasn't got a backbone.

A new suspected participant emerged yesterday, according to one of the other candidates who's showing a willingness to throw anyone under the bus to deflect from herself.

7. Seeker said...

"He that lieth down with Dogs, shall rise up with Fleas" – Ben Franklin

That was really ol' Ben? I always thought it was my mother!

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