Now it can be revealed...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Now it can be revealed...

An ancillary benefit to the current election campaign is that it got me out of a family wedding (on my wife's side) on Saturday.

It would have required a Saturday 3:00 am departure, with both dogs, to a part of upstate New York where the bride walks down the aisle as the wedding march is played on banjos.

It would have also exposed me to the constant flinty-eyed appraisal of my mother-in-law, the old battle-axe!

When Jeanne arrived home today, she present­ed me with a bag o'the world's best biscotti from Pine View Bakery on Route 28 in Shokan.

"These are for you from my Mom."

Wonderful gal! A son-in-law couldn't ask for a better one! Always thought the world of her!

The rest of the weekend, when I wasn't on the stump, I spent listening to Jeanne's tomato plants positively gurgling with hydroponic pleasure in the downpours.

I think the fruit are fully twice the size as when she decamped early Saturday.

With less than a week to go...

...I'm finding out some very interesting things about my neighbors and fellow West­hampton Beach residents.

They hold very low opinions of people who spread anonymous and malicious garbage!

And most haven't even been curious about the ones behind the unsigned letters of April and this past week.

"Who would go to this much trouble and this much expense to try and keep you off the Village Board?"

...a member of a family I don't really know too well asked as she shook my hand and pledged her entire household's support.

(Cui bono, indeed? Who does benefit?)

It was a good weekend on several counts.

No one grabbed up their kids to hide in the storm cellar, and most are well aware there is an election this week and what is at stake.

Political Yard Sign

I was even asked if they could have a sign to place in their yard!

(Wellll, okay... since they asked nicely!)

The countdown continues. The vote's Friday!


1. Barbara Ramsay said...

Wishing you all the best from sunny Florida. I'll have Peg home in time to vote.

You warm my heart! Now go and catch some fish!

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