Lightning Party pre-emptive strike?

Friday, June 10, 2011

Lightning Party pre-emptive strike?

The Joan Levan claque were angry as wasps when a number of them had their voting bona fides challenged at the polls two years ago.

It's simple: if you're not an actual resident of Westhampton Beach, you have no business turning up on Election Day and trying to cast an illegal ballot.

This always upsets a number of people, 'cause no one likes to be told "no!"

Apparently the Empress of Oneck doesn't think she can prevent my successful bid next Friday without the services of an election law special­ist, Vincent Messina, Esq., whose first order of business was to make a foil request for certain Village Election records for the past four years.

The former Islip Town attorney seems to have been given the impression that the Village is just a little backwater whistle-stop which makes up its own rules about how to hold an election.

Won't lawyer Messina be surprised to discover that Westhampton Beach's elections are in full compliance with Board of Elections standards and practices.

Speaking of "full compliance," will Lightning Party Treasurer Levan disclose the expenditure for Mr. Messina in her Campaign Finance Reports?

That's assuming, of course, she deigns to bother with the required report... she still hasn't filed the one for 2010.

And it really happened just this way...

Anti-eruv activist Jackie Sprotte who has split time between Dune Road and Nassau County, was one of those who was challenged in 2009.

And somewhere along the line, probably with an eye to the future, she has officially and permanently made her voting residence in Westhampton Beach.

We ran into one another recently.

"Are you going to support my candidacy this year?" I asked her.

"I don't know," she said. "Are you going to let me vote this year?"

We laughed, and I told her that as long as this was her legal voting residence, I had no issues with her voting.

I think she "gets it." Whether I get her vote is another matter.


1. First Hampton said...

Nasty False Anonymous Letters, Ugly Unfounded Rumors, Election Law Attorneys.......

Dirty Politics and Obvious Desperation.

Friends and neighbors, we must put a stop to this. We must show those creating this dirt, that we will not allow them to dump their dirt on our Village.

Your voice is your vote!

Your rejection of their dirty tactics is your vote.

Take your village back and VOTE SPEIR.

No argument here~

2. Crabby said...

It's stunning how much money and time these guys are spending that the residents haven't a clue about. One BIG reason I'm voting for you is you have the smarts and investigative sources to tease out their subversive agendas.

It's on so many levels it's bound to be the reason they're disinterring and spinning yarns about you from 40 years ago. They don't HAVE anything on you, but we're just seeing the TIP of the iceburg with the recent calculation of anywhere between a quarter and half a million dollars wasted thanks to Tucker's, et al, messing with police affairs.

Many of us see that as only the beginning of some mighty scandalous accounting.

They know you're on the scent, and want you outta here. Your ability as a bloodhound to uncover their stinking, buried corpses is nearing paydirt, and they sense it.

But you've been here longer than they have, and your real reputation (OK, as a PITA, but an honest and honorable one) is unimpeachable.

The more feces they scrawl on the walls, the madder I get. I believe I'm not the only one.

Keep up the good fight, Speir. The legal voters of the Village of Westhampton Beach appreciate your leadership.

In re: accounting; wait a minute! This isn't the Library, it's the Village... there can't be any hanky panky here!

But thank you for your support.
– Dean

3. Seeker said...

After all this time I still don't "get" how Joan manages to line up suckers (professionals and non-professionals alike) to serve her. Mr. Messina should talk to the assorted Village Attorneys whose legal expertise she's ignored since she's been on the Board. Although, as long as he tells her what she wants to hear, I guess she'll listen to him.

There's an even stranger dynamic at play in this:
  • Messina is a former Islip Town Attorney.
  • A reasonably well-connected source tells me that Messina, a Republican, worked with Arnie Sheiffer on last year's Altschuler campaign.
  • Sheiffer passed Messina along to big Democratic-supporter Joan Levan who engaged his services on behalf of the Lightning Party.
As for "how Joan manages to line up (others) to serve her," ever actually watch her in action, particularly with those of the male gender? She acts like a smitten Sandra Dee, a little touch on the arm as she leans in to converse, sotto voce.

First time I saw her do it, I laughed at the sheer transparency of her coquettishness... each such subsequent display, and I've fought to control my gag reflex! (I know in one instance, a male asked to have the seating arrangement changed.)

With other women, I dunno... some she bullies, others she must spike their tea with soporifics and they are as swine to Circe's calling.
– Dean

4. Crabby said...

Valid point as always, Seeker.

Hank Tucker is one of her perennial water carriers, and he's up for Election. As we did last year, let's turn him away. We were this close to having that lemming as Mayor. omg! Another year of his babbling incoherency or enforced silence is more than I can bear.

Go to the tapes, people.

Speir, can you link us to some of his more memorable public TV video moments?

It's all on the Village Website for thems what haven't already seen them.

For me, however, the most damning one is that of March 2010 in which he persisted against the strong advice of duly appointed Village Attorney "Bo" Bishop, in reading the illegal resolutions, one of which is the basis of Linda Kabot's Notice of Claim against the Village.

5. Jeanne Speir said...

Say it again, Sam:

"It's simple: if you're not an actual resident of Westhampton Beach, you have no business turning up on Election Day and trying to cast an illegal ballot."
It's the most basic tenet of democracy. One person, one vote. No cheating, period. May the person with the legal, honest majority win.
Yes, dear... and I really mean that!

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