The old lies surface anew...

Friday, June 10, 2011

The old lies surface anew...

...anonymously, of course, as the gutless in­dividuals behind the poison pen letter cam­paign pull out all the stops to steal next week's election from the residents who would take the next step in getting Village government back on track.

Essentially, it recycles the malicious and false accusations of the mid-April mailing.

It was total garbage then, and even more mal­odorous now.

All anyone has to know is:

  • It's unsigned, and will never show up on anyone's Campaign Finance Dis­closure Form.
  • The allegations are unfounded.
  • Anyone who has any questions about the specifics of the content, fire away.

Just ask yourself:

  • Who stands to benefit from such a sub-rosa campaign?
  • Who has utterly failed to denounce such tactics?
  • Who would invest, at a minimum, $1,000 in an attempt to corrupt the Village's election process?

It would have been nice if Westhampton Beach voters could have had an opportunity to attend a open debate where actual issues could have been publicly addressed.

But noooooooooo!

In the entire history of Westhampton Beach election campaigns, no one has ever gone to this length to try to highjack a Village election!

So, what interests are trembling at the pros­pects of a Row B victory?


1. Frank Wheeler said...

Obviously you've pee'd in somebody's corn flakes.

Do ya think?! Figure out who.

And who is stupid enough to not recognize that the first such letter didn't work very well back in April.

2. Crabby said...

Oh Boy! ANOTHER ANONYMOUS hater letter in my mail; just as I was using the previous one to line my birdcage. Good, now I am assured a supply for the season of material worthy of nothing but bird droppings.

Not that Everyone didn't see this coming. In fact, we've been WAITING for you!

The ironic issue is that we are stuck with ONE of the other Trustee candidates by default. Too bad. (Me, I hope it's the angry one! Although if Tucker wins, he might need to be, ah, reassigned?)

After a "hater letter" like that, my resolve to vote only for Speir, ROW B, is cementheaded (did I say that?) I meant accounted for, oops, I meant made more resolute after reading the lying, sneaky, anonymous, mysteriously postmarked prose.

That letter is SO unlike the majority of folks in this Village. What a pile of malicious claptrap.

Sayyyyy: Want some good honest reading with names attached? Get the Southampton Press and read the Letters to the Editor supporting Speir this week. One was penned by a lifetime, venerable, active (and one of the nicest) community residents of the Village; the other by the Former Chief of the Southampton Police Department. Those make a pretty powerful endorsement of the man, don't they?

They were also willing to sign their work. THAT is TRUTH!

It's curious that The Southampton Press had no letters endorsing the other two Trustees. Why?

Further, other than on Angelo dela Fuente's business property, (Who is he, you ask? A non-voter, non-resident with a business on Old Riverhead Road,) all their signs South of Montauk are on public property.

Go get 'im Speir.

And if I see anyone screwing with your signs, I'm taking pictures and names. I'm sick of this nonsense. We need a good, responsible government that works in the open, spends our money carefully, and has the interests of the community as the overriding premise.

Thank you... now calm down... it's too hot and humid to get so exercised over such codswallop.

3. Shorewood said...

If Tucker and DiBenedetto were not aware of, not connected to, or not involved with these VILE, LYING letters, whether directly or indirectly, one would think they would be screaming denials.

Their silence is deafening!

Dean, you have my vote. You are the only one that has my vote.

Noted and commented on, #1, and, #2, thank you.

4. Tugboat Bertha said...

You hit the nail on the head when you used the word "hijacked." Hank hijacked the Village Board and ran a pseudo government from his cheese cake factory when he was in the majority of three. This year he hasn't been in control of the Board because he is now in the minority. But hijacking is his style, and hijacking an election is not beneath him. Clearly he's had some help from other nameless cowards and they are trying their utmost to sway the Summer-people vote, those folks who aren't here all Winter and can be swayed by heresay.

Those who faithfully follow this blog know that Van Howell offered to refute what was written concerning The Moniebogue Press. And the fact that Mayor Teller has been campaigning with you door-to-door refutes other vilifying accusations in this latest letter.

If the opposition's side of the street was so clean they wouldn't have refused a debate. They would have welcomed an opportunity to attack you in public. But instead they ran away from that opportunity. Therefore, you still have my bullet vote on Election Day.

Thank you... you see this quite clearly.

So, interestingly, do a lot of others, I discovered while out campaigning. People driving by, honking and fist-pumping! Most gratifying, indeed.

5. Jeanne Speir said...

Ha! That last colorful nasty-mail, INADVERTENTLY I'm certain, brings back the Phrase: "Yellow Journalism." LMAO!

Yel·low jour·nal·ism defined. Noun: Journalism that is based upon sensationalism and crude exaggeration. More » Wikipedia - - - The Free Dictionary.

Yes, dear... very thoroughly researched.

6. Crabby said...

Hold on now; what are you talking about investing a minimum of $1000? Are you saying these are undocumented campaign funds? Isn't that illegal?

Don't be naïve! It's a whole bunch of things, including illegal, unethical and cowardly.

The opposition... Tucker and DiBenedetto... refused to debate, and they have yet to denounce the anonymous letters. Why? Cui bono?

7. Who Said That?! said...

I thought "Summer People" couldn't vote here...?

They can if they are legally registered here and not somewhere else as well.

8. Shorewood said...

Friends of ours who moved to Florida, and spend time in their Westhampton Beach Summer home, told me that they will no longer vote here.

The New Youk State Department of Taxationis is conducting audits to collect NYS Taxes from out of State Residents who own summer homes in New York State. An appeals court deemed these Summer homes to be permanent residences. ("Out-of-State Owners Could Face Tax Bill")

Yikes! But that wouldn't affect me... I'm a year-'round kinda guy!

9. Who Said That?! said...

...or if they're friends of Joan's?

Right! I wasn't near ruthless enough four years ago... I should've put one of her coterie in the perjury pokey! That would've cooled some enthusiams for making a false statement under oath.

10. Redheadmom said...

My sister told me that NYC is also going after city residents who claim the Hamptons as their primary residence.

They have gone after Alec Baldwin and Derek Jeter, as they are good for the publicity. But they are also going after non-famous folk. People are being asked to prove (with reciepts, utility bills, etc.) that they spend at least 183 days per year out here. If they claim that they commute, they must show gas receipts and/or Railroad receipts. If they cannot prove that they reside here, they are held responsible for payment of New York City taxes.

I're read about this matter and some well-known names who've falled afoul of this system.

11. Absolutely Amazing said...

Can a voter register to vote in Westhampton Beach for the Village elections in June, and then change their registration to New York City for the November elections?

Generally no as a voting strategy. George Guldi insisted that he knew Election Law inside and out, and that it was legal depending on the voter's intent. Of course, George has been disbarred and is on his way to prison for the next 4-12 years, which tends to undermine his credibility in legal matters.

12. Crabby said...

Are there benefits to voting here and living elsewhere, besides currying the favor of likely local felons? Are there Disadvantages to voting here?~

I remember a big stink about illegal voters the last few elections.

Oh. And does that certain someone get to fill out her husband's voting card and sign his name, too? I'd have serious words with my wife if she doubled her vote on my ballot!

I've seen the old gent about town, and don't think he's got the ability to rub two sticks together much less figure out who he's voting for....

Hey! Hey! Be nice, now.

People have to decide, with their tax consultant, on an individual basis where best to establish their voting residency.

Yes, there have been issues about illegal voters over the past several Village Elections. I lost by six votes four years ago, five of which were illegal, and two of which were absolutely fraudulent. The following year Johnny Roland lost by three votes, four of which were illegal.

I know who you're referencing, and while I saw that she had signed his name to a Lightning Party nomination petition (and may be able to if she has his Power of Attorney), but I don't believe that ability extended to actual election ballots.

13. ExCityPerson said...

Having owned a NYC apartment and a Summer home in the area, perhaps I can add a bit of info to the discussion.

My attorney and accountant both advised that if I used my Hamptons address as my primary residence, I would have to be able to prove it, if audited by NYC. Since tax receipts have dropped in NYC, the NYC tax department has become more aggressive with those trying to evade NYC taxes.

NYC would check car registrations, driver license address, utility usage bills in both places, etc. Where one voted did not convince NYC of one's primary residence.

I was also advised that if and when I decided to sell my NYC apartment I would not be able to claim the Federal tax deduction for primary residences.

The fines and interest, and loss of the primary residence deduction upon sale, convinced me to not use my Hamptons address as my primary residence.

I also did not want to be subject to jury duty on Long Island.

Those who believe that voting in the Hamptons can substantiate primary residency, are mistaken.

This is all murky stuff... I live here and vote here.

14. Seeker said...

POA clarification note: as far as I understand Powers of Attorney, you can't forge your spouse's (or anyone's) signature, even if you've "got the power." The signature would have to read "Joe Voter by Jane Voter, his attorney in fact." Simply signing Joe Voter's name is not legit. I'd be curious to know if a Power of Attorney is even valid when it comes to voting situations.


In my years with the Board of Elections, I've never seen it come into play... even when there's an issue of capability.

15. Jeanne Speir said...

Uh oh, I need an education, as others may, because I'm going to be poll watching that day.

What happens if it appears someone is possibly taking the opportunity to double their vote? There are no curtains to hide behind anymore, are there? Or what if a non-registered person claims the right to vote?

As with the 2010 Village Elections, the "pros from Dover" will handle it! (I'd like to think that this was why the final count turned out turned out the way it did! [rah!])

The Elections are being held under the direct supervision of trained personnel from the Suffolk County Board of Elections. Your function as a Poll-watcher will be record those who show up and vote for the latter Election Day operation, and to issue any challenges from a list which will be provided you at the start.

O, and in case I forget later, thank you for your service... um, dear.

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