What is so rare as a day in June...

Thursday, June 09, 2011

What is so rare as a day in June...

...(with apologies to James Russell Lowell) when everything comes together and all that needs to get done, actually is accomplished?

Contributions continue, the mysteries of Mayor Teller's spreadsheet1 reveal themselves, the gals in the local post office track down the number of stamped envelopes I need2 for my mailers (and the mailing actually is commend­ed to the care and custody of 11978 by 3:35 pm!) and I manage to sit for three interviews.

One is with The Southampton Press' Jean-Paul Salamanca, perhaps the toughest because being the "new kid" on the Western desk, he hasn't had the continuity of coverage of Village affairs... I make him the fifth in that position since the 2007 elections... and he hasn't seen Hank Tucker in action over the past four years.

But he's made an effort to check OtBB and research his own newspapers' morgue, so only some finer points need to be clarified.

The endorsement interviews are a wild hour of free-form verbal pugilism and hilarity as Exec­utive Editor Joe Shaw tries to elicit some sort of 96 point headline that will cause voters' heads to explode, while Editor Frank Costanza worked valiantly trying to maintain order.

Both failed... but it was a good 60 minute ses­sion, as long at Frank doesn't wind up charac­terizing me as "colorful!"

("Outspoken" I wouldn't mind, but "color­ful" seems somehow dismissive, like re­ferring to me as "a local blogger" given my extensive résumé.)

Later it was Newsday's Mitch Freedman calling. They don't endorse, and they don't do any in­depth coverage, but they do provide exposure; in this case, not a bad thing.

Then off in the company of the Mayor to put in an appearance on Hazelwood where we are well-received.

The door-to-door exercises are cut short in view of the gathering thunderheads... I know poor Gracie3 is home under the bed refusing to emerge and be comforted.

In short order, the sky is black, and I'll borrow a bit from MacBeth (I.3.38):

"So foul and fair a day I have not seen."

It started out sunny, hot and humid, and it's ending with a lot of rain!

Jeanne says her tomato plants are very gratified!

  1. Constructed, literally, with "Excel for Dummies" in one hand and his keyboard in the other!
  2. I had to go to both East Quogue and Westhampton to complete the order! Thanks Paula and Donna.
  3. She is a remarkable one-dog weather station. She knows these things are coming half-a-hour before they arrive.


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