Things that make you say...

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Things that make you say...


Two solid specimens of this may be found in this morning's Southampton Press Western Edition on page A9.

Yes, it's a political advertisement on behalf of the Lightning Party and featuring my two Row A opponents.

(Disclosure: The writer [me] is standing for a Trustee seat on the Village Board next Friday.)

Here's the two jaw-dropping, head-scratching statements:

  1. The headline "Because honesty & integrity do matter"

They absolutely do! But who, exactly, are they asserting has either, let alone both?

It must be the female of the pair, because the male, Hank Tucker, is notably devoid of any such qualities as his shameful four year record on the Village Board clearly demonstrates.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the March 2010 Village Board meeting when Tucker reads the illegal resolutions prepared by someone other than the Village Attorney, over the strenuous objections of the duly appointed Village Attorney.

(One element of that has never been ade­quately addressed: why were Tucker and fellow obstructionist Trustees Joan Levan and Jim Kametler discussing Village Per­sonnel matters with outsider Tom Moore who drafted the illegal resolutions?)

  1. Farther down they claim to be "In­dependent Thinkers."

What a load of codswallop!

Tucker hasn't had an independent thought, let alone an original one, in his four years on the Board.

He hasn't had to as long at he was following the Empress of Oneck's lead... check the record. Not once in 48 monthly meetings did his vote vary from hers.

Hank Tucker cannot run on his wretched record so he has to resort to meaningless platitudes and generalities.

Don't listen to what he says... look at what he has done!

Nothing of value, too much of damage to the taxpayers of Westhampton Beach.


1. Jeanne Speir said...

You know who of the sitting Trustees in January 2010 demonstrated "honesty and integrity?" Toni-Jo Birk did. Only she (along with the Mayor) did not shirk her duty to attend a scheduled, open Village meeting. The other three "Trustees," Tucker, Kametler and Levan, all of whom were present in the building, refused to appear and arrogantly abandoned their responsibilities.

In the last few weeks, I've heard more than one person mention that a personable Hank would come up and ask them what they wanted from their government.

THEN, he would be heard parroting the constituent's exact words, as if his own. That's not what I would call creative thinking.

The occasions I've made it to the Village meetings, Hank was never prepared and often asked for the paperwork he had already been given on a matter. It was a standing joke. If he was a student he would be the kid whose dog ate his homework.

I'm glad you've decided to run, dear.

Of course you are....

2. Surf's Up! said...

"Codswallop?" Sounds like an original thought in its own right... did you make that up?

Nah... it's an olde h'English construction that caught my ear decades ago. And it's ever so much more polite than some of the earthier terms of today.

3. BJ said...

I almost spit out my coffee when I saw their ad. They must really think we are stupid-gullible-uninformed-etc.

"Involved in our community"
This said by the 2 who REFUSED TO DEBATE!
"Independent thinkers "
Yeah Pat D., bet you are real independent of Tucker! If you were you would have participated in a debate!
"Fair and open minded"
Yeah Tucker, very open minded, especially when you ignored the report from Suffolk County Internal Affairs and advice from the WHB Labor Attorney.
"Family Oriented"
And this is relevant because why?

"Codswallop?" I agree. Better known as BS; wear high boots.
Thank you for "getting it."

4. Crabby said...

Anybody get an ugly "hater" letter earlier this year? Not the kind of thing one would expect to see in SUCH a nice Village as this.

Now we are supposed to assume Tucker and DiBenedetto are all about "Integrity?" "Honesty?" That they're "Independent thinkers?" Bwaaa --hahahaha!

It sounds like they've stolen Speir's play book!

The only thing I can say about the "Lightning Party" is they seem to excel in shell games, self-interest and behind-the-scene wheeling and dealing.

Ignorance and pretending nothing is wrong will not help this community. Do let's finish mopping up the awful mess made by Trustees Tucker, Levan and Kametler.

If you read the SHPress, read Mrs.Bennett's comments about the Dean Speir SHE knows.

Since I am an "open book," anyone who wishes can borrow my "playbook!" They just have to live it, is all! You can't just "say" it.

5. Shorewood said...

Crabby mentioned the "ugly 'hater' letter" of two months back, and didn't think it was "the kind of thing one would expect to see in SUCH a nice Village as this."

Neither Tucker or DiBenedetto have been in this Village very long. Perhaps that is how people behave where they came from!

Where did they come from?

Where they "came from" is less important than the fact they are here now and running for re-election and election respectively.

Whether either or both had anything to do with the letter is less important than the fact that neither denounced it or otherwise took any steps to remove themselves from it.

6. Rick Murphy said...

Hey Dean, contact me and I'll do an interview on the race.

Done! Whatever you do with it, it was a fun conversation.

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