They 'get it' in NYC...

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

They 'get it' in NYC...

...while some in Westhampton Beach have such a hard time with the concept of a clean and credible Police Department.

From a NY Daily News story which again made headlines today:

NYPD ticket-fixing probe could cripple many criminal cases

The operative element:

"Scores of criminal cases could be jeopard­ized by the Bronx ticket-fixing probe....

Prosecutors and police are worried that once the names of those charged in the scandal are released - even those hit only with NYPD disciplinary charges - that de­fense attorneys will pounce.

Defense attorneys will likely argue that their clients were set up by rogue cops. Or they'll simply attack officers' credibility."


Where is anyone without it?

And anyone who doesn't understand that shouldn't be on the Village Board!


1. Crabby said...

I work without a union, and sometimes I miss their protections. THEN the stories come out about $9,000,000 worth of plastic surgery in one district's teachers's union, or our local Keystone Cops misappropriating donated dollars for dirty cops with sophomoric senses of humor. These jerks have cost the Village hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You're referencing the Westhampton Beach PBA's contributing $10,000 to the defense of Bruetsch and Pesapane. I don't think it's "misappropriating" so much as questionable and breaking faith with those who contributed to the PBA.

But it's there's to do with as they will.

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