The Countdown Continues…

Friday, October 26, 2007

The Countdown Continues…

It's eleven days 'til the most hotly contested Supervisor's race in recent history... which without the startling Primary results in September setting up the divisive Kabot-Heaney struggle wouldn't be saying much since the Dems haven't had a viable candidate this late in the game... will be decided.

Official GOP candidate Linda Kabot, who has been hanging back while Democrat Jim Henry and Republican-in-Conservative drag Patrick "Skip" Heaney have been making very visible runs for the top, is starting to make her move... her first outdoor signs showed up this week... while (extreme) dark horse Independ­ence Party candidate Alex Gregor so far seems content to be an energetic personage... i.e., no signs, no mailings, just spirited public appearances!

(If anyone's made a serious radio push yet, it's escaped my attention... I find WLNG-FM almost unlistenable, less for the onslaught of '60s-style jingles than what Paul Sidney used to call "that deep sound," but which has always felt as if it was being broadcast from the boys room of a local high school. I've been mon­i­tor­ing Riverhead's venerable WRIV-AM, and caught an early drive-time spot for Mr. Heaney by Republican Assemblyman Fred Thiele which might be a hint as to how strong Skip's support remains with the GOP rank 'n' file.)

The mailings keep coming two and three at a clip. In the past two days alone there's been a Dan Russo-featured postal from the GOP, an amusing but cluttered enormous postal from the Southampton Town Democratic Party which finally addresses the botched reassess­ment program of the incumbents, an "I'm for the environment" mailing from the Dems' Jim Henry (Pssssst, Jim, who isn't?!?), and a pair of big postals from Mr. Heaney, one stressing his "Leader­ship" qualities (which the hilarious YouTube spot suggests is "dictatorial" and, more Skip-appropriate, "Napoleonic"), and the other a continuation of his bogus tax claims.

What the afternoon mail will bring is anyone's guess, but this week's print journal advertising and Letters to the Editors of The Southampton Press and The End End Independent are of interest, and recommended reading.


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