On the stump

Saturday, June 04, 2011

On the stump

"Vote for Dean Speir" button

Great day for meetin', greetin' 'n' pressin' flesh out on the campaign trail!

(Drew the line at kissin' babies, however!)

Perfect, even, since there were substantial gatherings of people on the Village Green (annual Arts & Crafts show) and Mill Road (Farmers' Market in the morning and Historical Society all day long!)

Unfortunately, not a preponderance of Village resident voters at these assemblages, how­ever, so the face-to-face must be carried to their doorsteps.

(Hey!, I can do that... I sold Cutco that way back in the mid-'60s!)

Good vibes all the way around... on Dune Road it helps that the Mayor is making introductions as we go along.

"You're with Conrad? You have our support!"

An "Uh oh!" moment in another part of the Village later:

"You're with Conrad? What about those other two? Said they were part of the Teller team."

(O, really? Someones' tongues are going to turn black from fibbing! Gee, I wish we'd had that Public Debate....)

Also learned another valuable lesson: as "Open Sesame" is the name "Teller" in some parts of the Village, so too is the name "Toni-Jo Birk" with mommies of school age children.

(Still trying to get a handle on the "Mean Girls" designation... those who use it aren't talking about adolescent females.)

In all, a great day on the campaign trail.

Up and at'em again tomorrow.


1. BJ said...

Redheadmom was 100% correct. If Tucker and/or DiBenedetto refuse to debate, it will be a total lack of respect towards Westhampton Beach voters.

Any candidate unwilling to debate does not deserve any of our votes.

Good! All the more for me.

But seriously, tell them that!

2. Crabby said...

"Mean Girls" are those Mommies who will do anything to advance their personal little darling's place in the pecking order over all others.

Think Wanda Holloway, the Texas Cheerleader Mommy. Now there was a mean girl!

I will bet there are normal parents in the school that abhor the mean girls! Vote for Speir!

[gulp!] That sort of thing goes on in this school district?

3. Jeanne Speir said...

Oh my goodness gracious, YES! This district is no exception.

My son graduated from Westhampton Beach High School in '01. There were cutthroat "girls" (oh, and "boys") back then too!

He had a great time, and I was delighted with the academic and extracurricular activities offered. We have some great friends from those years even today.

But, brrrrrrrrr, watch your back, normal parents. These "girls" and "boys" will feed your kids to the sharks over in Cupsuogue if your kid gets in the way. All with nice smiles and feigned sincerity.

Perhaps your child has been on the wrong side of these über parents. It's awful, really.

Okay, this gives me a clearer sense of what some of those I've been meeting are talking about. When I was a single dad 30 years ago, this sort of over-bearing parent had something to do with "Little League."

4. Elyse Richman said...

Hi Dean,

In the absence of that much-needed debate, could you please tell us (your readers) what you think the issues are in the Village and how you as a Trustee would deal with them.

Your blog is a great outlet to get your views out to the public.

Thanks for that....

Anyone who reads OtBB, either casually or as an avid-follower, knows exactly what my views are on any given subject, Elyse.

The pressing issues right now are that we have a popular Trustee who smiles at everyone and remembers their name... and not only doesn't do the job he was twice elected to do, but has obstructed the orderly business of Village Government... when he bothers to show up! (He hasn't signed a voucher to authorize payment to a vendor... any vendor... in 18 months, and that's one of the easiest duties a Trustee needs to perform.)

The is a job for which I've prepared for the past 43 years, and I intend to give good value to the taxpayers.

5. BJ said...

I'd be more than happy to tell them that. But I have never seen Pat D nor do I know anyone who even knows who she is or how to reach her.

As for Tucker, it is a waste of vocal cords.


6. Terry Smith said...

Speaking of school children, does anybody have details on the child who was stretchered out in an ambulance after being assaulted in the Elementary School on Friday?

If that's accurate, it hasn't even made the news yet. No information.

7. Jeanne Speir said...

Dean, I think it's less a job you've "prepared for" and more of job for which you are by far the most qualified and experienced of the candidates. You know this Village inside out, have the keen intellect to grasp hairy municipal issues, and are truly committed to the community.

No "Awwww shucks" from this candidate!

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