Why did I think of...

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Why did I think of...

...Hank Tucker when I saw this?

Honey wagon on the highway

(Not personally, mind you, but as a Village Trustee for the past two years!)

Detail of the sanitation truck

It must be the various statements Hank has uttered at Board Meetings and Work Sessions.

What about that "long hard look" which Hank assured a Mr. Wright would be taken at how Village Elections are conducted?

July 6, 2009 organizational meeting

What about that "full packet of information, including an incident report, to review specifics, standard practice in such cases" Hank was going to obtain from the Police Depart­ment following the New Year's 2010 outbreak of violence at the former Steak House?

January 7, 2010 statement to the Indy

How 'bout last year's campaign pledges, start­ing with "Cleaning up the police department" and "Cut out wasteful and secret spending?"

For more than 18 months Hank has actively tried to thwart the disciplinary hearings that would go a long way toward "cleaning up the police department," and instead wasted tax­payer money paying salary and benefits for the two suspended officers.

(Drat, I'd have paid to seen how Hank handled those items in the debate that he's gutlessly ducking!)

And what about that long-ago promise, on the Village record, to "revamp the sign ordnance?"

O, wait a second, that did get done... by Deputy Mayor Toni-Jo Birk, after 20 months of inaction on Hank's part!

Early on in his tenure on the Village Board, we learned not to listen to what Hank Tucker says, but to watch what he actually does.

There's a gap there which cannot be spanned by the West Bay Bridge!

Disclosure: I am Dean Speir, a candidate for Village Trustee in the June 17th elections. I'm on Row B.


1. RedheadMom said...

I believe that a debate should be scheduled. The candidates that show up can debate. If only one candidate shows up that candidate can still answer the questions and inform the community of their views.

Those that do not show up will send a loud message to the voters in the Village.

I would never vote for anyone who would refuse to debate. I would think many voters would agree.

All this time I thought that it was Joan Levan who wouldn't participate in a debate... it's now apparent that it's been Hank Tucker all along. As I said, it's gutless.
– Dean

2. Absolutely Amazing said...

I can understand why Hank wants to duck a debate as he would not be able to defend his horrendous track record on the Board. But what's up with Pat DiBenedetto?

  • Isn't she new to the area?
  • What does she stand for?
  • What are her qualifications?
  • How and why was a newcomer appointed to the Planning Board?
Why would she duck a debate?

Are we supposed to vote for her without knowing anything about her?

Does she have her own mind or is she controlled by Mr. Cheesecake?
Thought I might hear from you again this time of year!
  1. Don't know.
  2. The only thing I know that she stood for was keeping Ralph Neubauer on as Chairman of the Planning Board... and that's where she and I parted ways.
  3. I have no idea...
  4. She was interested in the position, a, and b, I have no idea just how much of a newcomer she is.
Well, she's running om a ticket with Hank Tucker, and if he won't do it, she can't very well show up without him... that would kill his candidacy, and hurt her as well.

People will vote however they vote for a variety of reasons. That's between them and their own belief system.
– Dean

3. Dog Lover said...

Whattya mean "she can't show up without him?" Does she have a mind of her own? Will she vote on her own if elected?

I can't answer these questions... you need to put them to Pat DiBenedetto when she comes around to meet you.

4. EastEnd68 said...

How will we know her when she comes around?

What an opening!

I decline to take it. But thanks for the thought!

5. Tugboat Bertha said...

Pat DiBenedetto is coming around to meet us? It's a little late in the game for that, isn't it? And that they won't debate and haven't come around to meet us is arrogant on their part. It makes them seem as if they are running unopposed. Little do they know....

I run my own campaign (with the able assistance of my she-who-must-be-obeyed wife)... they will do whatever they will do.

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