Waldbaum's up close and personal

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Waldbaum's up close and personal

(On infrequent occasions a Comment is made to OtBB that demands to be afforded a "Guest Shot." This by Pam Beccaria is one such.

Take it away, Pam!)

My husband Dan and I have lived on Glovers Lane directly behind Waldbaum's since 1998. We are the only ones on Glovers Lane who actually live in the house we own - the rest of the street rents.

We tackled a few Waldbaum's "challenges" last year by writing the Corporate headquarters through their E-mail address listed on their site. I believed that if a corpora­tion had created a mission statement and core values, then they should be impressed upon to uphold those values at all locations.

I am part of Waldbaum's "neighborhood" and should be respected as such. Because they are part of my "community," I had a right to protest that the dumpster out back created a reeking smell every Summer in my rear yard, that the 7:00 am rule of deliveries and backup signals blaring (as opposed to 4:00 am) be closer to the rule than they have been, and that the parking lot be cleaned up so I don't have every stray Waldbaum's register receipt on my front lawn.

I wrote a dignified E-mail that stated their core values and then proceeded to tell them how every one of those values had not been upheld in the Westhampton Beach community.

I received several E-mails stating "they were looking in to the problems" and, the next thing I knew, the parking lot was being paved, the dumpster leak was fixed and the property was being policed more carefully for stray offal and paper.

That was a year ago and, as with all things regarding human nature, some items have slipped. I am now ready to write my next E-mail to "Corporate," naming a stray vendor who parks earlier than 7:00 am ("Webster Trucking") and explaining again why I don't care to see and smell rotting fruit laying next to trucks when I open my front door.

We use Waldbaum's only for a few necessary or forgotten items because we haven't trusted the quality for a long time. I would be the first to cheer (and shop) if Waldbaum's did a complete 180° and actually acted like they cherish the fact that they live in one of the most prestigious communities in "The Hamptons."

Thank you so much for your articulate, level-headed and focused "ground zero" view of a long-standing and on-going problem.

The rest of us grumble, pitch an occasional hissy fit and drive to a King Kullen or Stop & Shop... you have to live with it on a daily basis

I can but wish that you had been the one to tackle Waldbaum's two years ago instead of Joan Levan as a quickly abandoned political issue. You have a genuine vested interest in that neighborhood... for the Empress of Oneck it was little more than a re-election campaign issue... and a cynical one, at that!

This is the first that I have heard of the idling (reefer?) trucks in the pre-dawn hours in your area... it was a seemingly interminable but since-addressed similar problem on Rogers and Hazelwood Avenues.

There's a solution... it remains to be fully formulated and implemented.


1. Hunt Marckwald said...

Dean - "department of redundancy department?"

Seems to be an epidemic of inscrutability of late.

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