Hope springs eternal...

Friday, May 27, 2011

Hope springs eternal...

...thanks to a link forwarded by an OtBB reader to a Newsday story:

1 Pathmark, 2 Waldbaum's to close on LI

"The Montvale, N.J.-based company, which owns stores including A&P, Waldbaum's and Pathmark, announced that it filed a motion to shutter 32 stores in six states."

While the story was from February, and the Long Island stores involved are in Commack, Farmingdale and Smithtown, it gives evidence that corporate A&P is willing to shutter stores, even in high density locations.

(Flip side: those sites assuredly have com­peting supermarkets with which A&P doesn't feel it can run!)

Again, the only way the suits in Montvale will take note of widespread consumer disaffection, is if those consumers take their custom elsewhere.


1. Oldtimer said...

Dean, all this complaining about the Waldbaum's is easy to solve... did anyone try the local small hometown stores? There really is no need to leave town for everyday items... veggies at Fruit King, beverages at Circle M, fish at CorJay's and meat at Dean's Market... you will be treated special, they will know you by name, you may be surprised that their prices are fair, and in some cases even lower.

These are the people who donate to your fund raisers, ever try to get a donation from Waldbaum's without red tape? Just food for thought, have a great holiday, and thank a vet.

We are regulars are Dean's Country Market and Circle M Beverage Barn, and, in season, Carson's (née Phillips) produce stand, so I understand your point exactly. Thanks for making it.

2. EastEnd68 said...

I find myself buying more things at Rite Aid. Anything is better than Waldbaum's.

Bring back Bohack's!

3. Allan S. said...

I wish we could have gotten rid of A&P and kept National...

I never realized how much National meant to folks... until it was gone, of course.

4. Tugboat Bertha said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't National leave because the landlord raised the rent too high? The owner went all over town, including the Marakesh building, looking to relocate but the rents all over the Village were too high. ~~ Rite Aid is trying to fill the void that National left. They carry a lot of what could be purchased at National but they don't carry all of it. And that is why National is still sorely missed.

Not familiar with your scenario, but I can tell you that National left when they found out that Waldbaum's was intending to expand into that space.

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