23 and counting!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

23 and counting!

That's the number of years which the Village of Westhampton Beach has been awarded the prestigious Tree City USA designation.

It happened again today in a 40 minute ceremony in front of Village Hall as members of Village Government, Westhampton Beach High School teacher Jok Kommer with his student members of CURE1, and Mary Kramar­chyk from New York State Department of Envi­ronmental Conservation, assembled for what has become an annual award ceremony.

'Ridge' Barnett addresses the crowd assembled for the abbual Arbor Day tree-planting ceremony

Also honored was Trustee emerita Ora Belle "Ridgie" Barnett, who in her two decades on the Village Board, chaired the Beautification Committee which has over the past quarter of a century, been responsible for the planting of over 800 trees in Westhampton Beach.

Kroker's opening remarks.
Local High School teacher Jok Kommer introduced the Arbor Day ceremony with some opening remarks.
Mayor Teller reads a special Arbor Day Proclamation as Mrs. Barnett and Trustee Leola 'Sue' Farrell look on.
Mayor Conrad Teller read a special Arbor Day Proclamation
as Mrs.Barnett and Trustee Leola 'Sue' Farrell, in charge of
the Village Beautification Committee, look on.
Jok Kommer and his CURE students with the Tree City banner.
Kommer and his CURE students with the Tree City banner.
All hands shovel the earth
Kommer watches as the CURE students perform the traditional tree-planting ritual.
The Village DPW waster no time in watering the new tree.
The fresh earth was barely shoveled onto the roots of the newly-planted tree before the Village's Department of Public Works was there to put water on it.

Trustee Leola "Sue" Farrell accepted the award on behalf of the Village, giving special note to the newly revitalized Beautification Committee for their tireless work.

Mrs. Barnett had been Trustee in charge of the Committee until her retirement from the Board in 2007.

  1. Classmates United in Restoring the Environment.


1. Jeanne Speir said...

Where's that tree? I think I'm gonna go out and hug it today. Great job, Ridgie! And kudos to the CURE Club and DPW.

You can't miss it... though if you're in a vehicle you should try.

It's on the Southeast corner the municipal property... where Potunk Lane merges into the "egg-about." (Ah, there, Shirley Eckart.)

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