If you're gonna talk the talk...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

If you're gonna talk the talk...

...it would be a good idea to walk the walk as well, doncha know?!

Seen on 27East last evening:

Saunders To Give Back Two Domain Names To Non-Saunders Agents

The principal in the headline is one Andrew Saunders, "founder" of Saunders & Associates, which firm attempts to distinguish itself from other brokers with the tag-line:

A Higher Form of Realty


What Saunders got caught doing is called "Cybersquatting," a particularly loathsome practice of holding someone's intellectual property "hostage" for pecuniary purposes.

And, simply put, a "Higher Form" of anything, would not be even remotely involved with such a practice.

For all his backing and filling and protestations that "in this case what was done was clearly an internal mistake," Saunders was exposed as much less than "A Higher Form."

In the early days of the Internet, some low rent entrepreneurial type rushed in and tried to register "cocacola.com" (and numerous vari­ations) in anticipation of a big payday from the soft drink colossus.

ICANN, however, disallowed his registrations.

(An especially notorious example of this occurred during the Clinton Administra­tion and the free speech and "adult en­tertainment" [porn] "whitehouse.com." )

Yes, I am sensitive to this issue, having had a similar experience as the Village's original Webmaster in the late '90s.

The preferred domain name...


...was not available, having been registered earlier, but not used, by some real estate (!) entity in Texas.

The registrant took such care to cloak the rest of his identity and contact information, there was no easy way to discuss their intentions with them.

And I didn't want to alert them to the Village's interest in the domain in case they were Cy­bersquatters looking to extort a large sum from the municipality.

Instead I put an "Alert" on the domain and quietly kept tabs on its biannual renewal, and in early 2004 when the registration lapsed, I grabbed it up on behalf of the Village which has been using it ever since.

No "ransom" ever had to be paid.

O, and before anyone rushes to embrace the "internal mistake" proffered by Mr. Saunders, the 27East report notes that his firm "owns more than 3,000 domain names."


1. Shorewood said...

Good move on "grabbing up" that domain name. I hope to see more good moves when you are elected to the Westhampton Beach Village Board.

Thank you for your confidence. With your support and that of enough others on Election Day, we'll have a chance.
– Dean

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