What was LIPA planning to do...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What was LIPA planning to do...

...in respect to fees with the E³A's request to erect a sizable eruv chatzerot encompassing Westhampton Beach and parts of Quogue and Southampton Town?

The question occurred to some this week when Newsday1 delighted in report­ing...

NY officials fume over utility pole fee for flags


LI pols slam LIPA on Shelter Is. flag fee

(What else do "pols" [elected officials] do but play to their constituents?)

The issue there is that LIPA charged a $5.00-per-pole-fee to fly American flags along the parade route honoring Shelter Island Army Lieutenant Joseph Theinert, killed in action in Afghanistan last year.

While this appears petty, venal and indefen­sible if not outright un-patriotic...

(Which all those "pols" are falling all over themselves to posture and denounce!)

...for their part, LIPA officials assert that they have no alternative but to impose the fee due to current New York State Law.

(If this is an accurate reading of the statute, remember that it is those same "pols" who enacted the legislation.)

Somewhere along the line, LIPA COO Michael Hervey, realizing he was holding a live hand-grenade, offered to pay the $95.00 fee himself, but he might as well have gone on vacation, as did one of his predecessors, LILCO chairman William Catacosinos, during Hurricane "Gloria."

At this point, LIPA's taking the hit on this.

By comparison, Verizon, the other pole-owner in the area, dodged the scud of outrage in a statement yesterday:

"Verizon does allow for pole attachment fees to be waived for commemorative ceremonies such as this, and we intend on waiving it in this case."

(i.e.: someone's misrepresenting NYS Law!)

What, OtBB wants to know, are the policies of LIPA and Verizon, both of which are suing the Incorporated Villages of Westhampton Beach and Quogue as well as Southampton Town, in relation to E³A's request to establish an eruv?

We need some disclosure here! Will E³A incur fees, and if so, are they recurring or a one-time flat charge?

Or do LIPA and Verizon intended to waive the "state-mandated" per-pole fee?

We know what's at stake on our end? What about on their end?

(See also: LIPA and the eruv.)

  1. Caveat: we know from long experience that Newsday rarely gets anything right having to do with Eastern Long Island.
  2. Remember that the attached lechis would be permanent in nature, and fees impos­ed, by Verizon at least, would cover a finite duration.


1. EastEnd68 said...

What do LIPA and Version currently do in places where there are already eruvin?

Don't know... they may waive their fee because it is a religious matter. But then I would think that that opens them up to a whole 'nother issue.

Murky waters, indeed. As the legendary "Norman Buntz" noted on an entirely separate subject: "It's a freakin' quagmire!"

2. Seeker said...

"Version"="Verizon" - yes?


[sigh!} Yes, of course it is! Thank you.

It was the SpellChecker not recognizing "Verizon" and changing all instances of it to something it did recognize!

As David Crosby used to tell concert audiences so they wouldn't become impatient: "We tune because we care." OtBB SpellChecks because it cares!

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