Gonna be a tough Summer...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gonna be a tough Summer...

Red Wings

...for this sports fan!

My Red Wings are out of the Stanley Cup playoffs after an exciting seven game loss to the San Jose Sharks two weeks ago.


And the Los Angeles Dodgers? Fugettabout it!

They're not even qualifying as a second rate team!

With two bona fide star outfielders1 and several All-Star pitchers, the bulk of the remaining roster spots are clogged with cast-offs, re­treads and journeymen.

(And with one-third of the season gone, they has already placed 16... oops!, make that 17... players on the Injured Reserve list.)

Last month Major League Baseball assumed operating control of the team when it became problematic whether the Dodgers could make their payroll!

Central to that is a vicious divorce battle be­tween owner2 Frank McCourt and wife Jamie!

(The New York Mets can at least blame their money woes on being scammed by Bernie Madoff!)

It's gonna be the ugliest Summer in Los Angeles since the Watts riots of 1965!


A re-thinking

Three years ago I announced "It's over!," that after 57+ years, I couldn't take anymore, and that I was aban­doning the abysmal team that was disgracing the Detroit Lions silver and blue uniform!

I kept my back turned throughout the re­mainder of that winless season3 and the next, but if one watches pro football, all the TV net­works have a constant "crawl" of out-of-town scores, so last year it was impossible to avoid noting that they were not only being competi­tive, but they actually finished winning four straight!

Much of this turn-around in the Lions fortunes is as a result of making good draft picks... oc­cassioned by the running out-of-the-city Team President Matt Millen who, on his seven-year watch, wasted top selections on drug addicts, malingerers and felons-in-the-making.

Last year the Lions' #1 pick, Ndamukong Suh, was so dominant, he won Defensive Rookie of the Year, and was personally responsible for one if not two of those final four wins.

This Spring's draft produced another terrific tackle, Nick Fairley, who promised to give Detroit a front defensive pairing unseen since the mid-'60s duo of Alex Karras and Roger Brown.

(Think the 1981 Jets' Joe Klecko and Mark Gastineau, lasting several seasons!)

It was enough to get me interested again, and even look forward to the NFL 2011 season!

Uh oh...

...not so fast, you fat head! That 2011 NFL season looks like it's about to be put on hold due to a huge labor/management dispute.

Can you say: "Lockout?"

Aw, jeez!

Perhaps it's not meant to be for the Lions in my lifetime!

And how can I look forward to the New York Knicks who generated some interest this past season before mortgaging the future for a superstar who needed the support of the young players they traded away to get him!

Yup!, this is destined to be my Summer of sports discontent.

  1. One, Andre Ethier, has already let slip that at the end of his contract this year, he'd love to play for the Boston Red Sox!
  2. Or is it owners? The ex-Mrs. McCourt seems to have a joint interest in the team.
  3. The only one in NFL history to lose all of its 16 games!


1. Hambone said...

'76 Bucs were 0-14.

You are absolutely right, Andrew! I should have qualified my footnote... and now I have.

That was the first year of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers franchise, with rookies, scrubs and cast-offs. The Detroit Lions, however, joined the NFL in 1934, and go all the way back to 1929 as the Portsmouth Spartans. The had no such excuses as the Bucs.

2. Hampton West said...

Well they are 21-28 Won-Lost as of yesterday and things do not look good for them.

I think baseball is the perfect game for radio as the pace allows you to do other things while listening so I bought an XM radio and follow the Giants that way. Last week Madison Baumgartner was pitching a stellar game into the ninth against LA. He is off to a slow start this season but has improved lately. Just to show how baseball can change on a dime with 2 outs in the ninth a game winning fly ball is poorly played - man on first. The next Dodger batter banks one off the wall - suddenly a 3-0 lead is cut to two with the tying run at the plate. In comes Brian Wilson (not the Beach Boy) who promptly walks two batters - bases now loaded. It ends when the next Dodger puts one down the line and it takes a circus catch to win it.

Well, it ain't over 'til it's over. While all this was going on I was repairing a mechanical clock, preparing to take a hammer to it if the Giants lost!! Sports can do that to you.

Los Angeles fans deserves better.

As for the Lions - I recall those powerhouse teams from the 1950s. Lion fans also deserve better.

[sigh] Yes I do!

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