Didja know...

Monday, May 23, 2011

Didja know...

...that there is a "Desireable Estate Section Of Westhampton Beach," and that it in­cludes Meadow Lane?

Imagine! I'd always been led to believe that if there is one, it was on Seafield Lane.

Here's a real estate offering that puts it in a section of Oneck that one doesn't ordinarily associate with "stately homes."

And from the photos of the "6 Bedrooms, 5 Bath" house, I'm not sure that it qualifies as "estate material."

But I learn something new from real property listings every time one comes my way.


1. Frank Wheeler said...

How'd you miss the part about "Located Near, Town, Beaches, Shopping, Restuarants{sic}."

Yeah, there's that... you could put a "{sic}" after "Town" as well.

Point taken.

2. EastEnd68 said...

Roman just doing his job.

3. Hank Beck said...

Sunday morning last: WNBC-TV. This is the real ESTATE SECTION of Westhampton Beach.

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