Now it can be told...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Now it can be told...

While it'll probably be referenced, if not actually reported on, in the local newspapers this evening, the Democratic candidate for Supervisor of Southampton Town, Jim Henry, may be onto something... and, yeah!, it was worth calling a Press Conference over.

While it may not be dispositive, merely sug­gestive, of criminality on the part of the part of the Town GOP and a number of contributors to the organization as well as incumbent Super­visor Patrick "Skip" Heaney and, to a lesser extent, Councilwoman and Republican Super­visor Candidate Linda Kabot, it certainly lays out a compelling case for the reality of "how things are done" within the Town and Mr. Henry's earlier charges of "Pay for Play."

The Democratic candidate's Website is surpris­ingly devoid of relevant information... abso­lutely nothing about this particular issue, in fact... so that's not a good resource for any details. (In truth, Mr. Henry's Website looks as if he was called away from the effort two pages into the project.)

Modest political contributions from attorneys and law firms doing business with the Town are one thing... whatever one's feelings about the legal profession... but relatively large chunks of money repeatedly contributed by other vendors, tend to raise eyebrows.

Update: The substance of Mr. Henry's press conference is reported on


1. vel said...

Just received a Republican Party piece. Features Mr. Russo, with small photo of the two other GOP candidates and their support for Russo. No mention of party support for Nancy or Linda, who, I thought, won the GOP primary.

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