Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Long day in the Large Group Instruction Room of the local High School for the Budget Votes for both the School and Library districts, and to elect a member to the Westhampton Beach School Board.

When the ballots were tabulated, the budgets both passed, although the one for WFL by not as much as the School, and Aram Terchunian was denied a third term on the Board of Education by new-comer George Kast.

Unofficial results of the May 17th Vote
Measure Yes No
School Budget 436      232     
Library Budget 409      256     
Board of Education Election
Aram Terchunian: 303   George Kast: 345

While a turn-out in excess of 670 voters was felt by some to be "average for this type of election," others noted less than the usual number of seniors due to inclement weather.


1. Redheadmom said...

During dinner time, my number to vote was in the mid-200s. I thought that was on the low side.

Later on, there was a function in the school auditorium, which obviously added numerous onsite voters.

I wonder if that was by design or a coincidence.

What do the voices tell you?

2. Jim said...

I have been reading your posts about the Library. I think it is absolutely ridiculous they need almost $2.5 Million!

Problem is, we really don't know whether it is or isn't.

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