Sign Caper Solved

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sign Caper Solved

...or, more accurately, situation resolved.

Magic's Pub hanging sign which went missing Saturday evening in full view of passers-by, has been recovered through alert investigative work by Westhampton Beach Police, and re­stored to its rightful owner.

According to Police Department Public Infor­mation Officer Joe Bolton:

"The municipal video security system work­ed exactly as intended, and was instru­mental in retrieving the purloined sign, and bringing successful closure to this case."

The actual theft occurred Saturday evening, and appears from the video surveillance to have been a three-person operation.

Following interviews with persons of interest, authorities are satisfied that this was an iso­lated event, and was not linked to a case in­volving a missing giant ice cream cone from a Main Street establishment last year.

"Yes," PIO Bolton acknowledged, "the event seems to have been alcohol-fueled, and stemmed from a mis-guided intent to reunite the sign with its original owner."

(That owner, Walter William Thorne Jr., reached at his off-season condo in Flor­ida, declined to quack for the record.)

Former long-time Magic's retainer Jean-Marie Henry, however, offered this:

"I was kinda hoping whoever took it would give it to me. I was the last one to paint it, and the guy who ordered the work, Don MacPherson, never paid me."

"The sign's been returned, and no one wants to press charges," according to PIO Bolten. "Case closed!"

A speedy resolution to a Thorne-y problem.


1. Linesider36 said...

Does Officer Joe whistle and twirl his night stick? I think I still remember the tune but that's another story. Good police work Officer Joe. I hope Jean gets the sign and I really hope MacPherson gets the shaft.

Now now....

I've had several guys in their late '40s wanting to know which one on the Village force was "Officer Joe," but I knew you and others on this side of 60 would remember... can't tell you how many times I whacked the hell out of myself trying to replicate that routine with the nightstick.
– Dean

2. Barbara Ramsay said...

You quack me up!

That's me, always good for a chuckle!

3. Carrie said...

Ms. Henry did a great job touching up the sign, and was indeed paid for her efforts.

A dispute, a dispute... I do declare it!

4. Dee Kerrigan Perfido said...

Amen and Amen...

5. The Quiogue Kid said...

Officer Joe... WPIX Channel 11 in Quiogue... every Stooge knows that... and I'm only 56!!!

WPIX Channel 11 in Quiogue? Which channel was it in Remsenburg?

6. Carrie said...

Check #1464, $200. August 2, 2007

Ms. Henry? To you.

Disclaimer: OtBB does not act as a civil court or a reconciliation mediator. Like the celebrated wearer o'Badge #714, we're interested in facts, accurate ones!
– Dean

7. B. Henry said...

Jean was not paid, as well as the staff of Magic's that MacPhearson claimed to "take care of" with "bonuses" after closing a week before Christmas on two days notice...

Okay, Brandon, here's the problem. Magic's actually closed its doors November 30th, so your time-line seems to be off by three or more weeks.

It doesn't mean Jean Marie wasn't paid, only that we have a dispute here, and the prior Disclaimer (OtBB does not act as a civil court or a reconciliation mediator) still applies.
– Dean

8. B. Henry said...

Sorry - three weeks before Christmas...

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