Luck o'the Draw

Monday, May 16, 2011

Luck o'the Draw

Aspatuck Party 2011

With the nominating petitions filed Friday the 13th... no tris­kaidekaphobia here... all that remained in the process was for the Village's Chief Election Officer Rebecca Molinaro to cer­tify what was submitted, and for the drawing of the ballot positions.

She did the first, and we drew for lines A or B this morning at 11:03 am.

When we did this in 2007, Trustee Joan Levan objected to my candidacy on the grounds of insufficient signatures... and we already know how that turned out.

But despite her utter lack of grace, the old ways dying hard with me I let the lady pick the slip of paper first... and she drew Row A.

(I am informed by those who are said to know these things that that position won the election for her.)

Again, the lady... this time out Pat DiBene­detto... picked first, and drew the top line.

"Vote for Dean Speir" button

Ecccch!... I'm not preparing any concession speech just yet.

On the contrary, the watchword for Campaign 2011 is...

"Row B with a Bullet."


1. EastEnd68 said...

Pat who?

Hey! Play nice.
– Dean

2. John Roland said...

I only hope the illustrious voters of Westhampton Beaxch shoot straight and hit row B hard and often. Good Luck, Dean. The Village should be grateful you are offering to serve them.

We shall see... but when you lost by two votes three years ago, you should know that five illegal votes which went to your opponent, have been run out of the Village.

3. Hunt Marckwald said...

Go get 'em, Tiger!

I'm on it!

4. Jeanne Speir said...

You might confuse people with that "bullet vote" thing.

Yes, dear... that's why I added the link to the political usage, lest any fear I was advocating "voting from the rooftops."smiley

5. Crabby said...

Word over the fence is that you let the lady choose first. Hello??? This is not a door, Speir. If it was, the minute you opened the door she'd kick you in the nads! Remember, she has openly opted to go with the dark side party. HOO boy!

People appreciate politeness; but Politics? Take a lesson from Obama, and take no prisoners!

There's that infamous Westhampton Beach "fence," again! [sigh].

Truth be told, I didn't "let the lady choose first," I simply didn't elbow her out of the way when she dove for it! She apparently is enrolled in the Empress of Oneck's School of Grace, and was a tad on the high-strung side when she arrived for the drawing. I dunno... mebbe that's just her and something I never noticed before.

"Obama?" "No prisoners?" What are you talking about?
– Dean

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