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Monday, October 22, 2007

Breaking news...

Updated 10/22/2007 - 05:33 pm

Stop the presses... re-plate the front page....

Even as I post this, Democratic Southampton Town Supervisor candidate Jim Henry is hold­ing a press conference:

"...revealing new information on allegations of campaign finance violations and other possible criminal misconduct involving Southampton Town and the Southampton Town Republican Committee."

Will it be something substantive, or will it be as "superficial" as some have suggested as the man himself?

If it is in fact targeting the Town GOP (i.e., Linda Kabot), who will the allegations most benefit? Mr. Henry?

I think not.

Unless the man can pull a Harvey-sized hare out of his hat, the one with the most to gain would be rejected-Republican-in-Conservative drag, Patrick "Skip" Heaney. The Democrats' best chance at gaining any sort of significant foothold with Southampton Town is to have Mrs. Kabot and Mr. Heaney chew up one another's support so badly that Mr. Henry can slip through and win the Supervisor's seat!

We are positively breathless in anticipation of what the "news conference" will reveal!

5:03 pm Update: WLNG-FM has nothing to report!

5:33 pm Update: WLNG-FM still has nothing to report!


  1. Henry fail to show up?
  2. Reporters fail to heed his call?
  3. The Town GOP put the fix in?

Perhaps this evening's candidate's event in Flanders will provide relevant revelations.


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