WFL Transparency, continued

Sunday, May 15, 2011

WFL Transparency, continued

Not to worry... this one'll be much shorter and less opaque, focusing on "transparency."

From the minutes of Westhampton Free Li­brary's Trustees Meeting of October 19, 2010, called to order at 9:35 am by Michael Lennon1:

"On a motion by Levan and seconded by Lapple, the Board President was desired{sic} to offer the Library Director a contract of employment. Approved."

This occurred following a six minute Executive Session2, and after Trustee Esther Glazer had left the meeting.

If the vote was recorded, it is not reflected in the minutes.

What does it mean?

Translation: on a motion by Levan to make it appear as though it was Board President Mike Lennon's idea, Levan proposed to give Boller­man an employment contract so as to avail him protections and privileges beyond those typical of employment for Directors of small Free Association Libraries.

No discussion was recorded about the matter in the meeting itself because Trustee support for the vote had been secured in Executive Session before the vote was taken.

Taxpaying voters of the Library District have a right to know the terms of that contract.

Does it guarantee compensation and/or bene­fits if a budget vote should fail?

Does it include retention incentives?

Does it guarantee an extended severance package?

And of the utmost importance: what is the contract's duration?

Not to flog a dead nag, but the budget vote is held annually for a reason, and avoiding get­ting saddled with excessive severance pack­ages might reasonably be deemed to be among them.

(Is Mrs. Levan again being profligate with Other People's Money?)

To be clear, Matt Bollerman may be worth every cent of whatever compensation package he has been awarded... but the taxpayers of the Library District have an absolute right to know what it is.

And as it now stands, the voters are being denied that information.

  1. Also present were Karen Andrews, Esther Glazer, Jane Lapple, Joan Levan and Maria Moore. Hank Tucker was excused. WFL Director Matthew Bollerman was present as well.
  2. From the minutes: "A motion to enter into executive session to discuss a contract negotiation was made by Levan and seconded by Moore. Approved."


1. Dune Mind said...

This was the best trick (or most insidious deal, depending on one’s view) yet! It was a fix in which District taxpayers never had a say.

But taxpayers "do" have a say... at the polls.

Not in the conventional way by "voting the rascals out," but by turning the budget down. It's not as direct as the conventional method, but sooner or later those Trustees may get the message, that their stewardship of our tax-supported library is unacceptable.

2. Jeanne Speir said...

Mr. Bollerman's cooperation with the squanderers of public funds has been bought and paid for with our own tax dollars.

3. Crabby said...

This Library Board assumes we plebs have a sixth grade reading level, and the attention span of gnats!

Hey! Ever consider running for Trustee? You "get" this stuff.

Oh, wait. You are running for Trustee.

But not for Trustee of the Library Board... those who represent the taxpayers are not elected, but perpetuated by invitation from within the Board!

Perhaps it's time to toss some tea into the Yacht Basin just down the street... no taxation without representation!

4. Terry Smith said...

But their budget info page specifies that none of the staff are receiving an "increase in pay... of any kind." So are we to believe the director’s new contract is for the same amount as his old one?

We don't know what's in the Director's new contract, do we, #1, and, #2, in many instances, "Directors" and "management level" personnel are not considered "staff."

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