Battle lines being drawn...

Friday, May 13, 2011

Battle lines being drawn...

Aspatuck Party 2011 that the 5:00 pm deadline for Village Clerk Rebecca Molinaro to accept nominating petitions for candidates in the June 17th West­hampton Beach General Election has passed.

No surprise candidates showed up at the eleventh hour, so Gus Kelly presented 123 names on his Heritage Party petitions to secure his nomination... and re-election as he's running unopposed for Village Justice.

My own Aspatuck Party petition containing 134 signatures was accepted by Village Clerk Rebecca Molinaro at 3:30 pm, and confidence is high that I'll be on the ballot1.

(In just which position won't be deter­mined 'til late Monday morning.)

Two names appear on the Lightning Party petitions over 106 signatures, two-term Trustee Hank Tucker and newcomer Patricia DiBenedetto, presently on the Planning Board.

Of interest... but hardly surprising... are the names of those who carried those petitions.

Besides the two candidates, there were:

  • Joan Levan (22 signatures)
  • Jim Kametler (9)
  • Charlie Palmer Jr. (10)


The ones which will bear closest scrutiny will be those witnessed by Mrs. Levan... she rarely does anything she can delegate to others, and the very first signature she obtained was that of a woman who perjured herself to illegally vote in the 2007 Village Election.

Monday should be a busy day at Village Hall.

  1. In my last minute campaign of four years ago, I'd turned in more than five dozen valid signatures. Mrs. Levan spent the weekend deciding that I'd come up several short of the required 50.

    Village Clerk Kathy McGinnis double-checked and confirmed that I sufficient signatures to spare... leading to the suspicion that even in open-toed shoes, she can't accurately count past 20.

    She crossed her arms in a self-hug and with a barely audible "Harrumph!" march­ed right out of Village Hall.


1. Hampton West said...

I like the pine tree campaign symbol. Reminds me of the one we use on the Hampton West Estates sign and letterhead. You haven't forgotten us!

Not likely to either... seven good years up there while I was pulling things together and preparing to make a triumphant return to the Village, like Lenin to Moscow in 1917, in a sealed railway car.smiley
– Dean

2. Jeanne Speir said...

Sorry, I had to laugh at the marked similarity between Joan's and Marvin's signatures. I know married people start behaving like one another over time, but, ...really?

You are not the first to note... and comment on... that.

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