O well...

Thursday, May 12, 2011

O well...

Detroit Red Wings

...the Detroit Red Wings made the vaunted San Jose Sharks sweat for that elusive series-clinching fourth victory, and the past week has been about as much excitement as I could stand.

Tonight it was another one-goal game, and Detroit was on the short end of a 3-2 score.

I'd waited 68 years for the Red Wings to avenge the stigma of being the first team in the long history of professional sports to lose a best-of-seven play­off series after being up in games, 3-0.

That happened in the 1942 Stanley Cup finals against the Toronto Maple Leafs, and while it was before my hockey rooting days, it's a dark page in the otherwise illustrious legacy of "Hockeytown USA."

It was "only" a semi-final Conference series, but it came against the vaunted Sharks of San Jose, a team which had won 10 of 12 against the Detroits, including ending their season in the same semi-finals just a year ago.

The Red Wings would have joined Toronto, the 1975 New York Islanders, the 2004 Boston Red Sox (against the Yankees, yet!) and the Phila­delphia Flyers of a year ago, as the only teams to come back with four straight wins after star­ing into a season-ending abyss.

But they didn't, and now I hope they are never in a position to have to try again!

Go Wings! Rest up, get well, and I'll see you in October.


1. Hampton West said...

Team has been consistently good for the last 20 years! I thought they may have pulled this one off as San Jose looked pretty tired in game six but to no avail.

The Detroits've had a great run of post-seasons... I don't think any other professional team has done that, not even the Los Angeles Lakers!
– Dean

2. Linesider36 said...

Hey, look at the bright side, you could be an Islanders' fan.

I was for a number of years when there were few opportunities to watch the Detroits play... after Howe and Delvecchio were gone, and Marcel Dionne demanded to be traded because playing in "Murder City" made him too nervous, NBC rarely selected the Detroits for its "Game of the Week."

But I actually had Long Islanders shared season tickets with a group of guys between '77 and '82, and loved watching Trottier and Bossy the way I later got to watch Yzerman and Federov, and now Datsuyk and Zetterberg.

My son-in-heir, who frequently attended those games in the Nassau Coliseum with me, has never stopped rooting for the Long Islanders even though he can walk from his apartment in Vancouver to Rogers Arena where the Canucks skate.

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