Someone's Going In The Tank...

Monday, October 22, 2007

Someone's Going In The Tank... the Southampton Town Supervisor's race.

Or maybe two someones.

What is Linda Kabot waiting on? The election is two weeks tomorrow, and not a single mailing piece from her! Is this her decision, or is the Town GOP which was grudgingly forced to acknowledge her as its "official" candidate after the September 18th Primary, simply laying down?

And Saturday's mail delivered both another "Big 'Tax Rate Down 4%' Misdirection" giant post card from Supervisor Patrick "Skip" Heaney, and the third of Democratic Candidate Jim Henry's "the local people speak" series.

This one addresses the "environment."

Big surprise! Mr. Henry's in favor of protecting it!

It only further demonstrates that, after a slam-bang start, the man who would be our Super­visor is determined to lapse into banal platitudes... pardon my redundancy.

The mailings continue to be first rate pro­ductions, and it must be noted that after the Heaney campaign's embar­rass­ingly inept first two efforts, the last two have much improved production values, including exponentially better photographs of the man!

(At least he doesn't look afflicted by some sort of hideous skin disease or liver condition.)

But when are Mrs. Kabot or Mr. Henry going to hit Mr. Heaney at his most vulnerable spot... the huge reassessment which covered his (and, if truth be known, Mrs. Kabot's) in­creased budget so well that his sole refuge this time out is the "Tax Rate Down 4%" hocus-pocus, which reassessment program everyone else in the race for the Town Board has des­cribed as "disastrous?"

Tonight's candidates' debate in Flanders will be instructive on a number of levels, not the least of which will be to see if the sponsoring organization is going to assure that only soft­balls are tossed Mr. Heaney's way as happened last Monday in Hampton Bays.


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