One WFL question answered

Monday, May 09, 2011

One WFL question answered

The Budget Hearings for the Westhampton Beach School District and Westhampton Free Library were held in the High School Auditor­ium earlier this evening... and precious few deigned to attend.

(All that tax money being spent... and no one cares?)

Retiring District Superintendent Lynn Schwartz made a 20 minute slide show presentation, but there were no audience questions for him to entertain.

Matthew Bollerman

WFL Director Matthew Boller­man made a min­imalist presentation and sat back down.

When it became apparent that School Board President Aram Terchunian was going to gavel the hearings to a close without allowing questions about the Library Budget, he was asked if this was his intention.

"No," he said. "Ask away."

Mr. Bollerman was asked a series of questions about Total Computer Group...

  1. How was TCG selected as a sole source provider for the Library?
  2. Why was there no competitive bid process involved?
  3. Why did WFL Trustee Hank Tucker abstain from the vote which let the contract to TCG?

From the public podium, Mr. Bollerman would only say that TCG provided the Library's IT, and stated that "this is a budget hearing."

He did, however, invite the questioner (me) to speak further with him after the hearing.

Privately he responded:

  1. He said that as an "Association" irre­spective of the dollar amount in­volved, WFL was not required to follow the competitive bid process.
  2. Although it wasn't a requirement, a total of three "quotes" were received, taking pains to distinguish between "quotes"and "bid."
  3. Regarding Trustee Tucker abstention from the TCG vote, he suggested that the question be put to Tucker directly, adding, "I think I know why but you'll still have to ask him."

(Translation: "Neener neener neener... I know and you don't.")

There are a great many more questions to be answered by the Library, not the least of which is, who is leaving WFL's Board of Trustees, and how will the new Trustee be selected?

And here we thought that the Freemasons, Illuminati and Carbonari were opaque!


1. Hambone said...

I think you are being gracious; I really don't see his answer as doing much more than generating more questions.

Just to play alphabet soup, an RFQ (request for quote) or an RFP (request for proposal) is a best practices method for CYA. Common sense dictates which one to use and when. Doesn't it strike you as odd you wouldn't ask for an RFQ for a vendor that boats best practices?

Maybe it really is nothing but if I were Mr. Bollerman I would implement a policy change ASAP (see more letters!) so that any expensiture over $XXXX is put out to bid and the check is cut by someone not associated with the project.

  1. Perhaps he was vamping for time.
  2. Yes.
  3. But why would he want to interfere with a good thing?
Don't get a swelled head, Andrew, but you seem to have re-discovered your game.
– Dean

2. Crabby said...

Lennon and Andrews, I believe, have reached the end of their terms.

Let's not throw our good money at a library budget that makes no sense.

Accountability is not just for accountants!

The "green" library's millions of dollars seem to have been shuffled by the prestidigitations of a pro. The only way to stop this sleight of hand is to vote NO to another magical budget.

There's too much voodoo math going on here for my taste.

My, aren't we full of epigrams this evening!

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