Whopper of the week!

Monday, May 02, 2011

Whopper of the week!

Updated 05/02/2011 – 07:45 pm

And the week's just gotten started!

From the updated 27East report on the an­nounced appointment of William Wilson as Southampton Town's new Police Chief:

"...Ms. Throne-Holst and Town Councilman Jim Malone said they would be voting in favor of Chief Wilson... Both said politics did not influence their decisions...."

Who do they think they're kidding?

Now that they've shamed themselves...

The Special Meeting ran 51 minutes and while it wasn't raucous, the speakers were for the most part vehement.

"resolved, William Wilson Jr. be and here­by is appointed to the position of Town of Southampton Police Chief, subject to all applicable Civil Service requirements, effec­tive May 16, 2011, at an annual salary of $166,661.00..."

Resolution 2011-53 was sponsored by Super­visor Anna Throne-Holst, Councilwoman Brid­get Fleming and Councilmen James Malone and Chris Nuzzi, and was carried 4-1 with Councilwoman Nancy Graboski saying "Nay."

(Not surprisingly, Nuzzi reneged on his earlier support for Captain Anthony Tenaglia.

The more cynical would suggest is that the only reason Mrs. Graboski voted as she did, is that she's the only member of the Board term-limited come November.)

This isn't crying about "spilled milk;" it's memorializing a black day in Southampton Town, for reference come the next two Town Board elections.

See the entire meeting here. Listen to those who spoke before the vote was recorded.


1. Virginia Whitelaw said...

At an annual salary of $166,661.00... Holy Crap!

2. Hampton West said...

If you believe for one nano-second that politics did not play the defining role in all this then I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell to you.

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