Stevens Lane bridge closing...

Monday, May 02, 2011

Stevens Lane bridge closing...

Updated 05/02/2011 – 01:48 pm

...for the next three months is not yet a reality, as of 8.15 am today.

("Three months" is what they're saying... we still taking bets on that!)

As can be seen in the photo, the firm which has the contract to perform the work, is on site and ready to go.

The Stevens Lane Bridge, Monday morning, May 2

Nor has traffic begun to be diverted.

In a brief interview with the project foreman at 9:08 am, he could provide no actual start time or date of the work, explaining:

"Asphalt, concrete and epoxy, all of which will be used, needs 45° to 50° to set or cure, and we don't have that at this point. It's the same reason why we couldn't do this during your 'off-season.'"

(Which is precisely what commenter Rob F. told us a month ago!)

So the ambient temperature will be the deter­mining factor, and not a failure of the Village to commun­icate its concerns to the Suffolk County Department of Public Works1.

As Bob Dylan sang in 1964:

"Or maybe it's the weather, or something like that...."

Result: the start... and therefore the end... date of the Stevens Lane Bridge project has yet to be determined.

  1. Our County Legislator Jay Schneiderman did little on the Village's behalf either.


1. Tugboat Bertha said...

Countless numbers of savvy drivers use the bridge route on Stevens Lane to avoid Main Street traffic in the Summer. They will now have to re-think their route. This will multiply traffic on Mitchell and Library Avenue as those streets are the alternatives.

Note that the Stevens Lane Bridge is still operational... late start = late finish! The suspicion here is that it will be closed the entire Summer!

2. Habanero said...

Is this one of the bridges that raises so boats can go under between Moriches and Tiana Bays? If so, does anyone have an update?

Thanks in advance for any replies!


No! It's a fixed span which allows vehicles to cross Moniebogue Canal on Stevens Lane.
– Dean

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