What will 'Chief' Wilson cost...

Sunday, May 01, 2011

What will 'Chief' Wilson cost...

Chief William Wilson
Why is this
man smiling?
(See below)

...Southampton Town tax­payers? This is an issue which has yet to be addressed... because no one has asked any key questions.

As Chief of Southampton Village Police Department, William Wilson Jr. has an annual compensation package in excess of $187,166... for a 30-hour week!

(Remember when Westhampton Beach Chief Ray Dean was on Newsday's cover because of his $189k/35-hour week?)

In Wilson's time within Southampton Village Police Department as patrol officer, Lieutenant and Chief, how much compensatory time has he accrued?

And what of those accruals? Is the Village re­sponsible, or are they portable so that the Town absorbs their cost?

Under the New York State & Local Retirement System, that financial obligation will be a substantial one.

In June 2007, Southampton Mayor Mark Epley executed an agreement with Chief Wilson that, under terms of New York State Public Employ­ment Relations Law, can pay him $348,790 upon retirement or resignation in 2011.

In order to accept the Town job, Wilson would have to resign his Village position, and some­one is going to be on the hook for his accruals?

Other questions to be asked:


Was there any search performed for retiring Chief Jim Overton's position?

If the Town Board didn't have confidence in the command structure of the Town Police De­partment and it felt the need to go outside the department for a new chief, where was the an­nouncement in the International Association of Chiefs of Police publication?

Remember, less than three weeks ago, the Town Board was fine with the succession of Captain Anthony Tenaglia... until Councilman Jim Malone got his marching orders from Suf­folk County Conservative leader Ed Walsh.


What were William Wilson's credentials for the Town Chief's position?

Both comical and revealing was Councilwoman Bridget Fleming's stated reasons for backing Wilson, noting that he...

"...was born in Southampton Hospital and has spent 25 years in law enforcement."

She might just as well have been honest and acknowledge that it was part of a backroom political deal.

Any credibility she gained in her stand against the Kratoville appointment has evaporated!

The answer?

Kim and Bill

Seasonal Southampton Village Police Officer Kimberly McMahon1 and her boss William Wil­son. For context, see "Welcome to Southamp­ton - how may we deceive you?"

(Note that this was authored by former Southampton Village Police Officer Chris­topher Broich, either a "loose cannon" or an "aggrieved whistle-blower," depend­ing on where one sits.)

Much of the narrative relates to the period when then Lieutenant Wilson was angling for the position of Chief of the Village Police Department, in which pursuit he was ulti­mately successful.

Now he's come literally out of nowhere to claim the Town Chief's job under the most suspect of conditions.

One East End Superior Officer, speaking on background, summed the situation up this way:

"This was a political fix all the way. If you don't have confidence in the current com­mand structure and you want to go outside of the Town Police Department, why wasn't there a legitimate search conducted?"

Yes, that's one of the big questions that any member on the Southampton Town Board should have to answer.

  1. From "seasonal Police Officer" in 2003 to an annual salary of $101,502 in 2011.


1. Ray Malone said...

It has become apparent to those who are paying attention that Mr. Walsh’s protégé, Mr. Malone, will not be getting the nod for the Supervisor seat he so craves. In light of the negative press surrounding their back room shenanigans concerning the appointments of Mr. Kratoville and now Chief Wilson, it is also unlikely that Mr. Malone will prevail in a re-election campaign. To those of us who know him, this all makes perfect sense... the realization of his oft repeated aspirations to higher elected office currently require Mr. Malone to answer to the beck and call of his mentor Mr. Walsh, especially if those aspirations should happen to involve a county-wide election.

Yet it may be prudent for Messrs. Walsh and Malone to note that more than a few Suffolk residents who are not also Southampton Town residents are intently monitoring the curious goings-on of the current Southampton Town Council (OtBB and its ilk have a long reach... and even longer archives). The lack of the requisite backbone and independence (coupled with widespread allegations of Sunshine Law violations) thus far displayed by Mr. Malone, et al, is unlikely to be tolerated by the broader public constituency that is Suffolk County. Moreover, one can rest assured that the majority of us will be vociferously opposed to the election of any mere marionette whose every political decision is controlled by unelected manipulators who believe they can forever hide behind the cloud of cigar-smoke filled back rooms.

Couldn't have said it better myself, Ray... especially since you're in a much better position to know some of this than I.

2. Crabby said...

Ouch! The linked article, "Welcome to Southampton Town..." is pretty damning. I wonder if any of the Town Board have read it?

I recommend all blog readers take the time to review it, because if it's accurate, yet another terrible disservice has been visited upon the Town by the seated Board.

Whether they read it or not, their actions are still a "terrible disservice" to the Town, to the Southampton Town Police Department (as an institution), and certainly to Captain Anthony Tenaglia.

It wouldn't've mattered a whit one way of the other... Malone had his marching orders and Throne Holst and Fleming had their quids pro quo.

Upon review of that televised meeting, while the three of them looked out at the audience and lied through their teeth, least convincing of the "Yea" votes was Chris Nuzzi... it's apparent that even he didn't believe in what he was saying.

3. SHPredatorDept said...

I would be very careful with Kimberly McMahon. Does she make things up to pull people over? Does she make up that someone doesn't have their turning signal on when in fact they do in order to pull people over? I wonder....

I wonder, too... but mostly I wonder if you're just a nrcro-posting jerk?

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