Town Board goes in the tank...

Friday, April 29, 2011

Town Board goes in the tank...

...again, this time on behalf of the Suffolk County Conservative Party and the Southamp­ton Town Police Benevolent Association.

Headline on 27East this afternoon:

Town Board to hire Wilson as Police Chief

This states clearly and unequivocally that:

  1. The Conservative Party has hijacked the Town Board, even though Coun­cilman Jim Malone is only one of five members.
  2. The Town PBA will, in effect, be run­ning the police department.
  3. The Board's announcement last week that it would also open the screen­ing process to the three lieutenants, was disingenuous and pure eyewash!
  4. Captain Anthony Tenaglia, by any measure the rightful successor to the position, was screwed.

The miscreants who must answer for this are Malone, Bridget Fleming and Supervisor Anna Throne Holst, perhaps Chris Nuzzi and Nancy Graboski as well, depending on how hard they stuck to their guns.

Chief William Wilson

If anyone thought that Russell Kratoville was the most expen­sive-to-the-taxpayers back­room deal in the history of Southamp­ton Town, wait'll the numbers come in on the Wilson hire over the next years.


1. Hunt Marckwald said...

Fox in the henhouse?

Fox? Hardly! PBA pushover.

2. Old Part-timer said...

This is WRONG! I'm sure Chief Wilson is a fine man but he's not the man for the Town job. Captain Tenaglia deserved that job. He has served this Township well. Shame on the local politics!! Jimmy Malone I'm very dissappointed in you. I thought you had a backbone... instead you let politics play into this. Election day is coming...........

3. Hampton West said...

The worst choice. Absolutely the worst. Abysmal. Disappointing. Appalling. Sad.

The Praetorian Guard has chosen the new emperor. 12 hour tours here we come.


4. Jim said...

The officers better be happy now that they got the Chief they wanted!

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