How the mighty have fallen!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How the mighty have fallen!

So sayeth "David" in the Book of Jasher of "Saul" and "Jonathan" in battle against the Philistines.

The battle referenced here pitted Rabbi Marc Schneier against the Rabbinical Council of America, and while there was no loss of blood, there certainly was of prestige!

When last OtBB looked...

"...the largest organization of Orthodox rabbis, is likely to initiate an inquiry into alleged moral improprieties of its member, Rabbi Marc Schneier...."

In response, Rabbi Schneier girded his loins and told the RCA: "Bring it!"

While there is no authoritative word on how that confrontation went, for the first time since at least 20071, Marc Schneier is not listed among the 52 Most Influential Rabbis by Tina Brown's The Daily Beast.

(And what's gotta singe his tuches, his father, Arthur Schneier, is listed at #26!)

Oy gavalt!

  1. While The Daily Beast didn't launch until 2008, prior to that the list had been pub­lished in Newsweek.


1. Glenn Dorskind said...


Your post on Rabbi Schneier was silly considering Marc was on a well-publicized sabbatical this past year, and therefore was not a candidate and could not qualify for Newsweek's 50 Most Influential Rabbis. Much to your chagrin, he remains extremely powerful and influential. That will become more evident this Summer when, once again, visiting dignitaries, ambassadors, congressmen, news correspondents, religious figures, and a number of major personalities visit our Eruv-free Village.

My wife Cheryl, my daughters Nicole and Joelle, and I consider Rabbi Schneier a dear friend. We love him and are outraged and hurt by your ugly and relentless attacks. I’m certain that many people in the local, national, and international Jewish community share our feelings.

Judge Kelly is a fine man and a terrific judge. Ray Overton’s eloquent response to your nasty post clarified the absurdity of the commission’s frivolous complaint. You can post and repost and have your wife post for you, but Ray won the argument - his intelligence and logic destroyed your anger.

Jim and Gus are two of the most charitable, virtuous, and well-respected citizens in this community. If a kid is sick or a family needs help, they are consistently there to help. They are devoted fathers and highly skilled attorneys. They are honorable men. You do not have the moral standing to criticize either of them.

Hello, Glenn;

Not to my chagrin at all. What Rabbi Schneier represents to the rest of the world matters not a whit to me... and I know he is your dear friend, and what he has done for your family... but my concerns are what he has done to this Village over the past 21 years. And that's "he," personally.

In respect to your comments about Judge Kelly, your opinion is respected, but your assessment is not. "Honorable men" are not admonished for ethical lapse.

Your characterization of the Judicial Commission's determination as "frivolous" is nothing short of bizarre... if you've even read it.

I cannot personally speak to the good works that "Jim and Gus" do, as I only know that part by reputation.

But that has nothing to do with what has been raised about what has been discussed here of late, and assertion about "moral standing" sure sounds good, but is not germane to this discussion.

You're a stand-up guy, Glenn, and that's always been good by me. But I'm sorry you felt called upon to make an emotional response rather than a reasoned one.

O, and be assured that my wife posts for herself, not for me.

2. Barbara Ramsay said...

Hey Speir... You're taking a boatload of crap lately. Here's a hug from me to make up for it.

I am warmed to my soul. But not to worry, if I can't take it, I shouln't dish it out, either.

3. Crabby said...

Oh puleeze!

Can't Glenn and Ray let their buddies take their manly lumps like big boys? After all, people tell me this is a "better" Village than it used to be.

How much "better" is the Village of Westhampton Beach now that it has justice/attorneys willing to collect a municipal salary and collect legal fees for suing that municipality? How about our Rabbi who never attended ecumenical Thanksgiving services, who broke covenant with the Village he chose to establish his house of worship in, and also can't seem to keep his fire engine in the firehouse? I'd take a "sabbatical" too!

Pretend what you want, magical thinkers. Same ol', same ol'.

Now now....

4. Jeanne Speir said...

I write my own comments, not only here, but in the local press, to legislators, and have even dabbled in a little professional publishing. No one makes me write anything. I don't post "for" Dean.

I am sure there are independent women of all religious denominations within the local, national and international community who would be "outraged?"(c'mon Glenn Dorskind!) with your premise that I as a wife don't/can't form my own free comments or opinions.

I'm not sure what he meant, but I don't think it was that.

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