Expectations were never high...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Expectations were never high...

No more Knicks 'til October

...so yesterday's sweep by the Bostons came as scant surprise.

There endeth the 2010-2011 NBA post-season campaign by the once mighty New York Knickerbockers!

And with the Rangers also making an early exit from the Stanley Cup Playoffs a day earlier, Madison Square Garden's vendors won't be having any windfall profits this Spring.

(To hell with them, the prices they charge for a cup of beer and a pretzel!)

The Knicks had the Celtics right where they never dreamed of having them, down by three points with less than 30 seconds to play on each of the first two games on Boston's home court, but unable to get a defensive stop when it counted, and lost both.

And when the series shifted to Manhattan, aside from one or two brief flashes... part of the normal ebb and flow of any NBA game... the Knicks simply couldn't compete!

The player for whom the Knicks gave away their future in February, Carmelo Anthony, scored a lot of points, but took a lot of shots and in the process, missed more than half of them.

For those keeping that other score, Denver, while down 0-3 in their series against the Oklahoma City Thunder (née Seattle Super­Sonics), still got they best of the trade, four players with which to build a contending team.

And the Knicks? They've got Carmelo with his ridiculous orange sleeve "hose."


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