I hate it when this happens...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I hate it when this happens...

Los Angeles Dodgers logo

...especially to a team of mine, one which I've been avidly following for more than 60 years!

News that Major League Baseball has assumed operations of the Los Angeles Dodgers broke early Wednesday evening:

MLB Takes Over The Dodgers

How embarrassing!

It's the same thing Commissioner Bud Selig felt he had to do with the Montreal Expos be­fore they were moved to Washington, DC.

Mike Ozanian at Forbes.com's SportsMoney blog, makes a case that if Selig is pulling this "best interests of baseball" thing with the Dodgers, he should have done it earlier this year to the New York Mets when owners Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz were in violation of the league's same debt rule after their involve­ment with Bernie Madoff was revealed.

All I know is that I've been following this team since I got my first ever baseball card (Gene Hermanski) in 1950, and have been living, and dying, with them ever since.

In that time they've made 13 World Serious appearances, winning six of them... and I can't imagine not rooting for "Dem Bums" as they used to be known when they were based in Flatbush.

They've had some questionable ownership since the O'Malley family sold them to Rupert Murdoch in 1998, and he in turn sold them to Frank and Jamie McCourt in 2003.

Who knew that they would turn into a Big Bucks version of the Battling Bickersons by the end of the decade?

It is humiliating, and the only bright spot is that when Selig did this with the Texas Rang­ers last year, they not only survived intact and in their preferred home of Arlington, but went to the World Serious last October!

And since the news got out that the Commis­sioner's office will be overseeing the Dodgers operations, they've won two straight!

Hope springs eternal!


1. Hampton West said...

This is indeed sad, and you know I have no love for the Dodgers. This franchise is not the Kansas City Royals... the Dodgers have a long long history and tradition. Hopefully the team will be sold to real owners.

2. Jim Cordo said...

Well put, 'Hampton West.' I completely agree. It's another black eye for baseball. By the way, I don't think the Mets are outta the woods yet.

Selig must have it out for the McCourts... not that I blame him! Bring back the O'Malleys!

3. Hampton West said...

The O'Malleys??!!!

All Brooklyn of a certain age are crying!!! Where's Horace Stoneham when you need him? Well. you don't need him and neither do we need the O'Malleys!!!

I'm a Dodgers' fan, not a "Brooklyn" Dodgers' fan! The borough of Brooklyn may curse the O'Malley name, but the real villain who forced the team to move was a guy named Robert Moses! Remember him?

I look at the O'Malley legacy; while you and my buddy Marty may revile him for leading Horace Stoneham by the nose to the West Coast, aside from building a beautify ballpark which is still a centerpiece 49 years later (even if it did open without water fountains!), but under his and his son's regime, won 13 pennants and six Worlds Serious!

Never mind that ol' Walter was a visionary, but a pioneer who open the West to Major League Baseball... it would have happened sooner or later (so too would a black baseball player!), but O'Malley did it!

4. Hampton West said...

Well taken. Moses wouldn't release the site at Atlantic and Flatbush to O'Malley and that was the under-pinning of the move.

There wasn't a more powerful person anywhere in the State than Robert Moses, and even though O'Malley wanted to use his own money to build the new stadium, and Mayor Robert Wagner interceded on his behalf, Moses wouldn't budge... he wanted it built in Flushing not far from where Shea Stadium was subsequently constructed for the Mets. O'Malley's choice at Atlantic and Flatbush not only had parking, but was a railhead for the LIRR.

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