April Village Board Work Session

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April Village Board Work Session

The operative word in this evening's meeting was "work," as the five members of the Village Board were hard at it for well over two hours.

The bulk of the time prior to an Executive Ses­sion was spent on three matters:

  1. Renewal of Beach Bakery's permit for outdoor dining and music;
  2. Possibly extending the "Outdoor Din­ing and Music Season" beyond its current May 1 through October 31;

    The Board is leaning toward April 1 or 15, through November 15, 30 or Thanksgiving weekend.
  3. The possibility of moving to a differ­ent Health and Dental plan for Vil­lage employees.

(The latter, presently only subscribed to by school districts and B.O.C.E.S. and pitched by Trustee Hank Tucker1, was actually explored during the Strebel administration and found wanting.)

The thorniest of the three was clearly the Beach Bakery issue. As a matter of Village Law, no action can be taken on an application where there is an outstanding violation... and Simon Jorna has several uncured violations.

Many of those have been carried over from previous years, and when his 2010 request for Outdoor Dining and Music was granted, there were specific and enumerated conditions at­tached... few of which seem to have been met.

At least three of the Trustees appear to have hit the wall with Herr Jorna.

For his part, the bakery proprietor repeated, almost as a mantra, his assertion that what he wants to do "will be good for the Village."

This could lead to an interesting confrontation at the May Village Board meeting.

The Board went into Executive Session for the purposes of discussing "a personnel issue, and matters involving Dental Insurance and modi­fying employee medical benefit policy."

Returning to a Public Meeting, three resolutions were read:

  1. MetLife will carry Village employees' dental insurance coverage starting May 1;
  2. Changed the term of eligibility for elected officials and employees to "10 continuous years of service" in iorder to receive Health Insurance in retirement.
  3. Entered into a Stipulation of Agree­ment with an employee, believed to be "Officer B," or Joseph Pesapane.

The only comment any member of the Board would make followed the Executive Session was that the vote involving the employee was "unanimous."

(It may be recalled that while the vote on the previous disciplinary action involving the officer was also unanimous, the fol­lowing week Trustee Tucker equivocated all over 27East on the matter.)

Further details on the Stipulation will have to wait until the Labor Attorney decides exactly what can be released, but it involves a heavy consequence for the officer, and the Village Board is putting this one in the "win" column.

  1. Disclosure: The writer [me] is challenging for a Trustee seat in the Village Board in June; Tucker will likely be running for re-election.


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