One View from Afar…

Saturday, October 20, 2007

One View from Afar…

...and it must really be far, far away from Westhampton Beach! Poking 'round the 'Net and came across the following at

"The village is located in the Town of South­ampton. It has 3 public beaches, but you must acquire a permit from the Village office. Just another way the Hamptons try to exclude the little folk. Dont{sic} think of it as elitism. More like separate but equal. There, that sounds better, doesnt{sic} it?"

While I am naturally curious as to where the author discovered our third beach, I make it a 13-to-five proposition that he or she has never been any closer to this part of the world than that wretched (and mercifully failed) ABC mini-series from 1983, and has allowed the "Hamptons" part of our Village's identity to jaundice their thinking, #1, and, #2, those who follow such things know that New York Magazine established the Western boundary of "The Hamptons" (preferred rendering) at the Eastern edge of the Shinnecock Canal more than 30 years ago.

(I never wrote and thanked them.)

And what "little folk?!?"


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