Town Board seeking political cover

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Town Board seeking political cover

An important life lesson to learn: it's never "what is," but what others perceive it to be.

Clearly this is what was been at the back of Town Board members' minds Friday as they not only "canceled" that morn­ing's Special Meeting to appoint a successor to retiring Southampton Town Police Chief Jim Overton, but decided that some political cover was required for an unannounced decision which seems already to have been made.

Perhaps responding to some pointed reader comments following the 27East story, a source with knowledge of the situation revealed that the Town Board will open the screening pro­cess to a slightly wider pool of candidates.

"I think they're going to now include the other Senior officers in the process," the source said.

While including the Lieutenants will give the appearance of greater fairness and transpar­ency, few observers of Town Government will be fooled... it's all eye wash.

A majority of the Board... Anna Throne Holst, Jim Malone and Bridget Fleming... still seem determined to kowtow to the Southampton Town PBA and name Southampton Village Police Chief William Wilson "top cop."

The law enforcement professional most deserv­ing of the position... and the one least desired by the PBA... is Captain Anthony Tenaglia, who for years has had the responsibility of the day-to-day operations of the department.

Irrespective of the PBA's position, on merit Tenaglia has earned the job of Police Chief.

Any member of the Town Board who fails to support him, should have their feet held to the fire during their next election cycle.


1. EastEnd68 said...

Well said! Anthony Tenaglia has earned and deserves this position.

Close your browser, pick up the 'phone, call the Southampton Town Board member closest to you and make your feelings known.

2. Clarity said...

Dean, I can't help but disagree with you more on this issue. Capt. Tenaglia is a short-timer, by this I mean he has to retire by this time next year as well as the top two Lieutenants in the department. Why would anyone be interested in promoting a "lame duck" chief to be there for a year or so just to appease the public. Chief Wilson or another chief from somewhere else would be a better choice due to their longevity in th position. The PBA doesn't have a horse in the race, as has been claimed. Look at what Anna did for them after all of their support... Nada, they didnt get their coveted steady tour schedule and they did get the lowest raises this side of East Hampton Town. Maybe politics are not their thing.

Don't kid yourself... politics is "their thing!" Why do you think they have a union?

I don't believe you are correct about Tony Tenaglia being "a short-timer." He's still not even 60 years of age, and when the Town Board attempted to retire Jimmy Overton for "aging out," he took them to court and prevailed!

And in case you hadn't noticed, they're still lobbying hard for the schedules they want... they have a h-u-g-e stake in this race!

They have good jobs, fair pay and excellect working conditions... it's not like they are working long hours for little pay under terrible conditions.
– Dean

3. Hampton West said...

It really reeks!

From what I've read about Chief Wilson's tenure as Southampton Village Police Chief, Barney Fife would look like the best detective ever. There's clearly only one choice here and hopefully the Board will realize when it comes to personal safety. Voters will not be happy to see a political pick by the PBA being made. I still swear its about the 12 hour tour the union wants. The Pretorian Guard is choosing the emperor.

I concur.

4. Joyce L. Donneson said...

I believe Chief Overton sued on his own dime for himself regarding retirement, was not a blanket catch for everyone. The Captain, on the other hand, was able to change his retirement tier a couple of years ago, so therefore he does not have to go in two years as previous writer presumed. May want to confirm this but I believe this is correct.


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