Someone(s) came to...

Friday, April 15, 2011

Someone(s) came to...

...their senses at literally the eleventh hour, and this morning's Southampton Town Board special meeting to name a successor to retiring police chief Jim Overton.

At 11:13 am, Town Clerk Sundy Schermeyer's office posted a notice that the meeting, sched­uled for 11:00 am, had been canceled.

This was quickly followed by a brief report on 27East...

Southampton Town Board Fails To Appoint New Police Chief

What reporter Rohma Abbas' story doesn't delve into is how this latest development occurred.

With the late emergence of Southampton Village Police Chief William Wilson as a con­tender for the Town's "top cop" position, the stench of backroom politics emanating from Town Hall is almost overpowering.

Holding the line for the appointment of long-time Overton second, Captain Tony Tenaglia, are Board members Chris Nuzzi and Nancy Graboski, two-thirds of the "Gang of Three" who unconscionably stuffed the Russell Kratoville appointment down the taxpayers' throats last November.

Oddly (on the surface, at least), "Independent" Supervisor Anna Throne Holst and Democratic Councilwoman Bridget Fleming, the two who stood valiantly-but-vainly against Kratoville's hire, are championing Chief Wilson's cause.

The "odd man" in on the issue is Conservative Councilman Jim Malone who had initially start­ed the Wilson ball rolling on orders from Suf­folk County Conservative leader, Ed Walsh, Jr.

The 800-pounder in the corner of all this is the Southampton Town PBA, which strongly favors Wilson over Tenaglia... and one needn't have a Criminal Justice degree to figure out why.

As noted here yesterday, the PBA is all about more pay and less work in the guise of better duty schedules.

Why, one might ask, would the Conservative Party be backing a union favorite for such a key position?

Ideology be damned! Rank 'n' file police com­prise the bulk of the Conservative Party throughout Suffolk County if not the state.

And the Liberal ladies on the Town Board?

Don't know about Ms. Fleming... whose ab­sence this morning caused the cancellation of the Special Meeting... but remember that then Councilwoman Throne Holst was heavily court­ed by the PBA in her campaign against Linda Kabot for Supervisor.

(To her credit, Supervisor Kabot's head was not turned by the PBA's wish list, which intransigence helped fuel the per­sistant rumor that "she was set-up" by the police on her DWI arrest.)

Yeah, it's tough to tell the players without a scorecard, and even tougher to see which way this will ultimately break... Tenaglia or Wilson.

But what is clear is that no one on the Town Board has consistently put the interests of the taxpayers they represent, above politics.

And that's what stinks the most!


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