No more compelling reason...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

No more compelling reason...

...than this dictates why Anthony Tenaglia should be the Southampton Town Board's choice of "top cop" to replace retiring Police Chief Jim Overton.

From this morning's Southampton Press, interviewing Councilwoman Nancy Graboski about Southampton Village Police Chief William Wilson Jr., a late candidate for the position:

"Ms. Graboski said Chief Wilson was supported by the town's PBA, the police union that in prior years has hit walls in negotiations with administrations...."

No good can come of having the PBA's choice... any PBA's choice... as the Chief.

The only "good" would accrue, of course, to the PBA... and they're all about the money: they want more pay and better schedules.

(Read: "less work.")

If the PBA doesn't want Tony Tenaglia, then the appointment should go to Tony Tenaglia... as taxpayers, we should demand it!

Another item of interest in the article, from Councilman Jim Malone, in support of his decision to interview Wilson:

"I want to make sure I'm doing the right thing."

Good to see that "doing the right thing" has become a consideration after it was noticeably absent last November 30th with the shameful Russell Kratoville appointment!

O, and one other thing: the prospective Town Chief's current salary!

"Chief Wilson, 46, earns an annual base salary $176,927, according to village records...."

Ol' "Front Page Ray" ain't looking so "overpaid" any more.


1. Jeanne Speir said...

"Front Page Ray" looks pretty reasonable... especially in light of the last WHBUFSD Superintendent's salary: in excess of $206,000 a year! I don't believe that includes the benefit package, either.

That's for oversight of less than 1,800 children. And he doesn't get shot at!

Just to put our local "let them eat cheesecake" give-away-money patterns in perspective: in New Jersey, the Camden School Superintendent, who oversees 30,000 students, makes $230,000 a year.

WHAT is wrong with this picture?

No wonder kids think money grows in ATM machines.

Yes, dear... but Chief Dean takes pains to not get shot at, nor to allow anyone else in the Village get shot at... unless it's someone who requires shooting.

2. Hampton West said...

I can tell you with authority that Chief Overton was totally opposed to the PBA proposal of 12 hour tours and they eventually backed off – for a while.

I would guess that they retreated from the issue full well knowing that Chief Overton would soon retire and they would have another shot with a new Chief. If I recall the issue was not resolved in their most recent contract but was passed on to a "special committee" to be resolved at a later date.

To be continued I'm sure.

"JO" grew up in this Village and knows how the 4X10 tours were abused. He's not a stupid man.

3. Beachgirl978 said...

Anna Throne Holst is very foolish to put forth a candidate for Southampton Town Chief of Police who is "endorsed" by the Southampton Town PBA. I would not ever consider voting for anyone endorsed by a PBA much less give a highly paid public sector position to someone "endorsed" by the police union! Who does Supervisor Holst think she is being paid to represent? The PBA or the taxpayers?? It is simply outrageous the she would put forth this taxpayer ripoff!

This is a Conservative Party deal all the way... Jim Malone has his marching orders from Ed Walsh, and why Throne Holst and Bridget Fleming would go along with it, is odd indeed!

If the two women stick to Walsh's "game plan" they immediately forfeit any moral high ground they might have gained in l'affaire Kratoville just five months ago.
– Dean

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