Why I hate News12LI - #45

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Why I hate News12LI - #45

If Long Island's "exclusive" cable news channel was simply mediocre, I probably wouldn't pay it any notice.

But it routinely surpasses mediocrity and goes straight to offensive awfulness, and it's some­thing I cannot abide.

(Yeah, I know its part of the Dolan-owned Newsday group and I know the aphorism about just what "runs downhill.")

My current ire is aroused by yesterday's coverage of a home-invasion-gone-terminally-wrong in East Islip.

Stephanie Tsoflias, on camera

The "on-camera reporter," Stephanie Tsoflias, is an absolute twit who couldn't decide what story she's covering:

  • A homicide where the robbers got the worst of it.
  • A code violation she stumbled into and is trying to turn it into an Edward R. Murrow TV News Journalism award.

She did just a horrible job... so awful was she that the people she was trying to interview and get some sound bites, cut her dead!

I've never seen Ms. Tsoflias before, but a brief 'Net search reveals that she's been at this for awhile at different TV stations around the country (NBC, WPIX, New York, Florida, etc.), so she's not an after-school intern.

Favorite exchange on someone's front porch...

Tsoflias voice-over:

"This neighbor who wouldn't give her name, says she saw everything."

Unidentified neighbor on camera:

"We heard shots. Yes."

(So the neighbor didn't "see" anything... only "heard shots." Doesn't News12LI have any Editors?)

Later that same neighbor says:

"Did I freak out? No."

(Guess what the question must have been.)

Then Tsoflias quickly shifts the story:

"Neighbors say people come in and out of this house all the time, and according to police there are three apartments inside. So we checked with the Town of Islip to see if those living conditions were legal... and they're not!"

(This has to do with an armed home invasion in what way?)

In the end, no one Tsoflias interviewed would give their name (one neighbor's face was digitally obscured) and the last person she tried to speak with would only say:

"Please get away from me!"

Never mind "Where's the story?" How 'bout "What's the story?"

And just who is responsible for putting this stuff on the cable?

News12LI is a grotesque joke, and an even bigger joke is that the Dolan's cite it as an important reason to subscribe to Cablevision... because it's "not available anywhere else!"


1. Hampton West said...

News12 is pretty poor. There was a drug bust in the old 'hood a year ago. News12 covered it - and who did they interview? The bustee's sister - who of course swore to the innocence of the accused while almost everyone I know cheered at the arrest. Pretty poor!

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