And so it starts...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

And so it starts...

...the annual election campaign ugliness, anonymous, of course, and I must say that I'm flattered that I'm the first target this year.

Someone's scared!

While the content of the poison pen letter is garbage, that it was even mailed this early on completely validates my declared candidacy for Trustee on the Village Board this June.

The form of the attack is more telling than the content... anonymous, i.e., gutless, as there is no accountability.

Like me or loathe me, I'm accountable, and I sign my words.

That frightens some, mostly those too craven to stand by their words... unless it's in hushed tones one-on-one "over the back fence."

And as anyone who followed my column in The Hampton Chronicle-News for seven years or visited OtBB over the past 3½ years is aware, that's not my style.

So someone is scared... pretty clear who.

What's that expression?

O, yeah... Game on! Bring it!


1. Tugboat Bertha said...

That letter circulating today is very nasty. Is it worth your time to answer each accusation point by point or won't you dignify the gutless anonymous writer's accusations? Have you checked with some of those who allegedly wrote nasty things about you? One wonders, and probably will never find out, where the author of this venom gathered their information. It appears a file has been kept on you for years. Sounds like Kametler to me.


Res ipsa loquitur... I think the letter speaks for itself, and thoroughly valadates my candidacy.

But while Jim Kametler's involvement is always a possibility, his was not the first name that came to mind. It contains several clues, #1, and, #2, it's very similar in style and appearance to a letter of a year ago involving a proxy fight among members of a local co-op board, one faction of which was led by a parent of an as yet undeclared candidate this June.

2. Nobody Special said...


Obviously, I concur... but thank you for the validation.

3. EastEnd68 said...

As a general rule never respond to anything anonymous – stay above that level. Good luck!

Initial responses have been very direct... this is having quite the opposite the writer(s) intended.

We'll see come June.

4. Rob F. said...

Dean apparently could be sporting a "WINNING! (duh)" t-shirt right now, if such things were not beneath his dignity.

You wag!

5. Oldtimer said...

Dean is not the cancer our community, but it appears we do have a big "C" among us: cowards! It is a sick mind that would write such a letter to the residents of the Village. Fair debatiig of issues is fine, but to go over the line in this way is sick and has no place in our Village politics. No fair minded person wants to see any candidate be treated in such a manner.

Thank you.

6. Hampton West said...

Wow! That didn't take long. And its only April 13th. Stick to the issues - stay above the fray.

Absolutely... it'll make'em crazy!

7. Who Said That?! said...

It seems to be the typical work of a local negative-minded wussy....

Anyone in particular in mind?

8. Linda Dick said...

Dean, I am sorry that you and the residents of our Village were exposed to the despicable, classless lowlifes who sent this cowardly anonymous letter.

When I opened my mailbox Wednesday morning and saw "the" envelope, I was sure it was directed at me. It looked exactly like the ones containing a series of anonymous letters that myself and several others received in 2009. The type, the label, the "117--" return zipcode (Suffolk County way West of Westhampton Beach), matched those envelopes sent two years ago.

Upon reading the contents, the format, the type and writing style was markedly similar to those anonymous "poison pen" letters.

By way of explanation, I own an apartment at "The Buoy" on Mill Road. In the Fall of 2008 numerous Buoy Shareholders became outraged when three members of the Buoy Board of Directors chose to cut down all of the trees surrounding the pool area. These mature trees created a natural parklike atmosphere and were also a buffer between The Buoy property and the homes on School Street.

As a result, in February 2009, Buoy shareholders called a Special Shareholders meeting to remove Carol Palmer, Kenneth DeMott and Shelley Schwartz from the Buoy Board. The election was held to replace them and in April The Buoy incurred a large expenditure to plant trees around the pool area.

Shortly thereafter, the new Board Members, The Buoy Managing Agent, and the shareholders who voted to remove Palmer, DeMott and Schwartz began receiving despicable anonymous letters.

Threatening letters were sent to the Employers of two Board Members. An elderly shareholder received a letter questioning whether she declared her rental income and that "an IRS audit should occur sometime in the future." A Board member was called a "titless wonder," another was called "Judas Iscariot." The letters the lowlifes sent to me were pure trash. By the way, your letter and my letters contain a common word - "CANCER."

We turned all the letters over to the Westhampton Beach Police Department and the Suffolk County District Attorney. The police questioned a few people who were suspected of being the authors/mailers. Naturally they denied everything. We were advised to not handle any further letters so that they could be checked for fingerprints. But the letters ceased.

I would hope that you would contact the police. Strange how these letters are all being mailed from the same "117--" zipcode.

Linda Dick
Westhampton Beach

Hmmmmn! While suggestive, it's not really dispositive so it may or may not be related to yesterday's mailing.

But thank you for relating that stressful and annoying episode... and for finally joining the blog.

9. Jim Cordo said...

When they can't discredit the message they attack the messenger. Stand tall, Dean.

Thanks for the encouragement, Jimbo.

10. Jeanne Speir said...

Who will declare the campaign contribution costs of this mailing? Isn't it illegal to send this junk, especially anonymously?

No one will ever declare this on a Campaign Disclosure form... hell, no one on last year's losing side (Tucker, Palmer and Buggé) has even filed Campaign Disclosure Report!

Yet, there are illegalities here, but since it was done anonymously, #1, and, #2, the Board of Elections is staffed top-to-bottom by partisan hacks, nothing will come of it even though we have a much clearer idea of who was behind the mailing.

But I do want to thank them for so fully validating my candidacy.

11. Van Howell said...

Old friend/ex forwarded this to me; and added that it did not come from anyone she knows. For the record, the part that mentions me by name is untrue. If you ever need to reply with details, let me know. By the way, hope you reopen leash law issue after you get elected. Free-running dogs are a sign of a psychologically healthy, life-affirming community, at peace with itself. (Although perhaps the recent penchant for viciously inbred critters is a factor to consider.)

Thank you, Van...there's a whole lot of that poison pen letter which is untrue, and the rest for the most part is inaccurate. Even so, this has clearly not had the effect that those responsible intended.

In respect to the "leash law issue," you should know that to the extent that there is one, it's limited to the business districts.

But I will absolutely revisit the issue of the wanton destruction of free-range toropes.

12. David Reilly said...

Courage, Camille, courage.

Who knew you to be a classicist, David!

Thanks... biggest laugh I've had all month!

13. Dennis Malerba said...

As I said to my mother and John when we read it... "At least Dean has the balls to sign his name, these folk show no backbone." I mean even if any of it were in fact true, some of the crap spewed took place before I or numerous other voters were even born. People change, times change, now the Village Board needs a change. Good luck Dean, you got my vote.

Thank you, Dennis. And thanks for signing your name!

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